Yesterday was my first day on our new second shift schedule, not to bad. I nearly worked through my lunch, and it was nice leaving an hour after everyone else. So…so far not so bad. Today is a ten hour day, I get off at 8p. I’m used to getting up early and staying up a little later. So hopefully it won’t be all that bad.

I got home last night to Hubs working in my room. He’s taken a wardrobe and has added to it, nice! I’ll have to take some pix to share. We’re still working on some things and he’s listening to my ideas. And of course, I’m listening to his too. It’s a two way street.

Been posting some more wallies on my photo blog. I do take requests…and some of my friends have been requesting the John Sheppard wallies, hence why there are so many of them. lol 🙂 He’s a popular guy!!

I hope to find my writing muse soon…I do miss writing. Just still having some issues with memory and I kinda need to know where the heck I was going on this story. I did write an outline, but then my co-writer and I kinda took it off on a mild tangent…where/what were we doing? I’m sure it was brilliant. lol :p

anywho, it’s Tuesday and what a beautiful day it is. Enjoy!!