And it’s not just my cup of coffee. A lot of my co-workers this morning appear to be cranky. Crankier than usual. And I’ve been saying the word, “Bitchslap!” Over and over in my head, to be the answer to a problem I’m having. And I’m not a violent person! But honestly, it does sound really really good. It’s not going to really harm them. okay, okay, time out!

Yeah, see…. maybe I should switch to the decaff for a bit today. Or hey, I know, water! OI that sinus migraine is really affecting me.

I’m vasicillating between violent thoughts, and really silly ideas. I think I’ll stick with the silly and maybe go read a book on my iPad, or maybe do some artwork on my iPad.

anyone else ever have these days? I know, I can’t be the only one.

later, I’m in a time out right now, till I can stop saying bitch slap and giggling.