Most people use the weekend to relax…and normally I like to do that too, however today, I have some things I’d like to do and boom-they’re productive too. 🙂

I’ve already cleaned out two totes I’d been procrastinating going through. I’ve moved all the stuff to the new dresser, and threw out stuff I no longer needed. I would’ve given them away, but…some things need to be tossed.

I’ve gone through three little fabric totes, and have organized them better. I still need to go through some things in the bathroom, and toss a lot of junk. But hey, that’s a different room, so that’s my Sunday project.

Today though, I’m done with the majority of the physical stuff. Still working on laundry…but that’s a continuing thing every weekend. :p

so today, for a bit…I’m going to be uploading the valentine’s day cards to the Photo blog, I figure the only way I can get them all in one post is to do it from the laptop. So up next, the photo blog is being updated!!

till later…