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ccol colors


The OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand collection popped up so quickly! Maybe we were out of the loop, but we did not know about this collection till the very last minute. We really loved the What Wizardy is this? Liquid Sand polish in the Oz collection & we were super excited to try out a full collection with the Liquid Sand formula! OPI’s Liquid Sand nail lacquers have a textured, matte finish infused with reflective sparkle. Perfect for the flashy Bond Girls!

“OPI is extremely excited to partner again with EON Productions,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI co-founder & Artistic Director. “Following the success of the holiday promotion with the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, it’s been a thrill to create colors for the women who’ve captured Bond’s attention over the last five decades. The six shades are named after some of the most iconic – and my favorite – Bond girls, including:…

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2nd winter

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The title comes from a pic I saw in my newsfeed earlier this morning. From the Hobbits. 😀

Okay, so this winter storm watch was accurate. I really didn’t expect this much snow. And you get your car stuck once… Hubs drove me in to work this morning. And I’m quite happy he did. Even roads that were ‘plowed’ (half-hazardly) people and us were sliding. ugh.

We were talking in the car, well he was talking, I was listening and waking up, hadn’t had my third cup of coffee yet. lol

He was telling me about a scam that he’s seen at work, a few elderly customers have been coming in and asking for gift cards that can be used anywhere with a high dollar amount placed on them. His curiosity made him ask what they were for. The customers told him both at separate times, that they had won the publisher’s clearing house and that they had to send the money to get their money. Thank goodness he knows enough about scams. He informed them that in good conscience that he could not sell them the gift cards, and that they need to take the letters to the police. They, the customers said that the people have called them too. He suggested that they have the police look into that as well.
***I’ll keep ya’ll updated with what I hear. But yeah, definite scam going on, and they are using the Publisher’s Clearing house name to con people. Be AWARE!!

I’ll add in a pic to this after it’s published, so you can see the drive in this morning. 😉 Again, I can’t believe how much snow has been deposited, and it’s still snowing out. I’m watching it come down while sitting in my nice heated office. LOL 😀

ya’ll take care, be careful!!

Adding in the hobbit pix.


Special Easter Version of Flanigan Shenigans

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I belong to a group on Facebook, and came up with a fun game; Flanigan Shenigans. So I’ve decided to do holiday add-on’s, and this is the first.

I’ll be posting pix on here, and the photo blog for the game as well. Hopefully some enjoy the silly fun.

As a therapist I know the way to relieve stress, anxiety and depression, is to have some fun. This also counts as a way to keep your brain active. So…enjoy! Hugs

Happy Ostara aka the First day of Spring!

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And I’ve been really quiet this week, remember if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. I could vent, I could whine, bitch… but it helps for a short period of time. I’ve just had to get myself together and organize things. Prioritize what is important for me, and move on from there. 🙂

Today is the first day of Spring, according to my calendar. However the temps outside are in the 20’s. Brrr! However, time to think spring! A new season, full of new possibilities. So what to do first? Coffee [_]> what? I think better with coffee. (That’s my story)

What do you have planned for this new season? Cleaning out the house, ahhh Spring Cleaning. I can’t wait to open some windows and let in some fresh air, and clean out the stale of the winter. I’ve been cleaning my room for some time, organizing and going through clothes. But since I’ve lost more weight, time to go through them again. And paint a little bit. Or, I’ll supervise the painting process. LOL :p

Time to get in the work frame of mind. Have a great first day of Spring!! Stay warm if you live in Indiana, hydrate yourself. [_]> cheers!

Longest Tuesday so far…


Oi, have you ever had a day, that just seemed to drag…. it’s not a bad day, it’s just… meh and ugh. I don’t know how to verbalize it correctly. The weather has gotten colder, and my Fibro is acting all wonky. I’m having pains, distracting me. Then I’m getting some of the ‘fog’ and oi, hard to concentrate. So maybe that’s the problem?

In other news; at Lunch I had a cool discussion, we were talking about Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars and Stargate:Atlantis. One of my other co-workers stated, “I don’t have a clue what you two are talking about.” My friend is another geek girl. Yes, us geek girls, geek out too. And it was Awesome sauce! LOL 😀
Some of the conversation centered around who would win; the borg cube versus the death star. LOL Oh yeah, we’re geeky to the core!

And then to finish off my lunch hour, I found a new site for Stargate: Atlantis fanfic, I’m squeeing right now! LOL I love reading! Whenever I’m having an eh kinda day, and I can’t take a nap, or can’t find a plot bunny to write with, I read. There’s just something about a good book and a quiet spot to make one feel rejuvenated. [_]> cheers!

So, I’m going to try to do some more reading before my client is ready to be seen, and I’m working on an outline for a story. I have a new friend, that also writes and she wants to co-write this one with me. So woot! I might see if my co-writer wants to join in the fun. Wow! Have ya’ll ever read a story with three writers, this could be uber cool. lol 🙂

Stay warm, like I said, it’s gotten colder here in North Central Indiana. Have an awesome day!

It’s fun day aka Monday

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Yes, I’m still trying to make ppl see Monday as not all that bad. I get why ppl don’t like it, but…I’ve seen some ppl get really sick from stressing out over it. It’s a day of the week. Sunday is the actual start day of the week, Monday…well, you’re just going to have to get over it being the first day of work, school, etc.

And today it’s raining, drizzling, and the majority of the snow is gone. It does look a bit depressing outside, I see no color, it’s all shades of dark, and gloomy. Okay, for someone that gets accused of being a goth, yeah, it’s a little gloomy outside, and not in a good way. You know, Halloween gloomy. :p

It’s also the week I work my weird schedule, I’m in today from nine to six. So I still get off a bit early, hopefully time to go home and do some other stuff online, that I’ve been putting off.

I did play around a bit this weekend, and those are on the photoblog.

Oi, and I’ve run out of things… till later, ya’ll have a great Funday!! 😀

And TGIF!!

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I’ve declared it Flanigan Shenigans on my face book wall, and in the group I own. Basically post/share pix of Joe Flanigan. Yes, it’s an eye candy Friday!!

weather is beautiful! 🙂 My co-workers are awesome!! (I got cookies this morning.)

But…it’s still been a mentally exhausting morning, and I need some goofy fun! so…post/share pix of Joe Flanigan. Come on, you know you wanna play too! Why not?



closer to the weekend


WooHooo! It’s almost time to party! and by party I mean have coffee after 7p. LOL 😛
Yeah, I’m one of those responsible peeps. Now then, if someone would like to invite me to a get together, I’d love to! 😀 lol

And Mother Nature is changing her tune already, according to Paul Poteet If you live in Indiana, he really is the meteorologist to follow!

I got a ride in to work this morning, so hard to not be a side seat navigator. Honestly!! Uh, just a tad of a control freak. I admit it! 🙂 But we did get me to work, with no problems, and I was still early. I can’t just get to work ‘on-time.’ I have to be at least, at least thirty minutes early. Time to set my PMA for the day, review documentation, get coffee, be socialable with the night shift staff. You know, all those important things.

And last night, I did veg, but… I also gave in to my secret obsession. Oooooh! What is it you ask, well it wouldn’t be a secret if I told. LOL 😛

So tonight, I’ll probably be working on doing some St Patrick’s day stuff. Why yes, I am Irish.

I hope ya’ll are staying safe, and warm! If you are over 30, please be careful while shoveling outside. Seriously… take breaks, hydrate, and stay warm! Travel slower, those roads look clear, but are they? I’ve hit a few patches of black ice in my time, so not fun!!

Well *&%$##!


Okay, so yesterday’s winter weather advisory was more accurate!

Hubs shoveled the car out of the snow for me, and then I decided I could drive myself to work. I drive a beetle. Low to the ground, front wheel drive- getting the picture?

Yeah, I went down the wrong road this morning! And whammo! Got stuck but good. Good news, I didn’t slide off into a ditch. Bad news, I got stuck in the road. And I had four ppl in their lovely four wheel drives pass right by me.
A huge thank you to the two people that not only stopped to see if I was okay, but attempted to help me get unstuck. With no luck. I was able to contact the maintenance staff at work who sent someone to retrieve me, and he even took care of getting my car towed to the work parking lot.

And oi! this day started off not so fun…. I’m really looking forward to going home, crawling into bed and just vegging. I mean, doing absolutely nothing.

So for everyone else that has this fun stuff aka snow, and if you don’t have to go anywhere, don’t! Stay home! I have to report to work. Take care! Stay warm and stay hydrated!


hmm & another Winter weather advisory

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So I just checked my facebook newsfeed at lunch, and there’s a new or extended winter weather advisory. Snow not supposed to start till 3p. Whoops! Someone forgot to memo Mother Nature. I’m back in my office and watching it snow out my window. Pretty. Ah, yeah, I am still a big kid. I love watching it snow. I’d prefer to be in my house, with a nice big cup of hot chocolate, reading a nice book, and watching it fall outside my windows. But…I’m still good. Hot coffee, digital book, and a view of it falling outside my work window.

Now then let’s see if we really get the ‘predicted’ four to eight inches or not?
***I’ll be adding a photo of the weather map from my phone shortly. And oh yeah, I’m in the snow zone! 🙂


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