WooHooo! It’s almost time to party! and by party I mean have coffee after 7p. LOL 😛
Yeah, I’m one of those responsible peeps. Now then, if someone would like to invite me to a get together, I’d love to! 😀 lol

And Mother Nature is changing her tune already, according to Paul Poteet If you live in Indiana, he really is the meteorologist to follow!

I got a ride in to work this morning, so hard to not be a side seat navigator. Honestly!! Uh, just a tad of a control freak. I admit it! 🙂 But we did get me to work, with no problems, and I was still early. I can’t just get to work ‘on-time.’ I have to be at least, at least thirty minutes early. Time to set my PMA for the day, review documentation, get coffee, be socialable with the night shift staff. You know, all those important things.

And last night, I did veg, but… I also gave in to my secret obsession. Oooooh! What is it you ask, well it wouldn’t be a secret if I told. LOL 😛

So tonight, I’ll probably be working on doing some St Patrick’s day stuff. Why yes, I am Irish.

I hope ya’ll are staying safe, and warm! If you are over 30, please be careful while shoveling outside. Seriously… take breaks, hydrate, and stay warm! Travel slower, those roads look clear, but are they? I’ve hit a few patches of black ice in my time, so not fun!!