so I haven’t updated in a bit, tired, headache’s, and yeah…problems with the dsl at home.

so what’s shakin bacon, well…

my plot bunnies have arrived, I think it’s the fact that the weather is getting nicer. I’ve started a new story, and in an established universe I’ve never played in, so this should be fun.

then on Sunday, we went to the Ft Wayne mall, and I found a store I’ve semi-fallen in love with. Torrid. Nice!!
I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight, and thus my clothes have been falling off me. Belts can only hold up so much, and then it just looks funky! So I bought some new outfits, pants BOGO half off. Tops that were on clearance also BOGO. All in all, with the reward program I signed up for, I saved enough to buy a few more outfits, but I controlled myself. And instead went to a new food place. Well new to us, Red Robin, really good hamburgers. I really liked their patty melt. Plus they have bottomless fries, yeah, we stayed there for a bit. Hubs took that literally and had five to six plates of chips. LOL While at the mall, I went into the Barnes and Nobles and squee! They had the new JR Ward book; Lover at Last and it was 20-30% off!! Sold!! Hubs got me the cutest little plot bunny there too! Truffle from Tokidoki.
So all in all, Sunday was a good day!

Today, I’m having another headache, but I truly believe it’s weather related. Feels like a sinus ache trying to blow up. I’ll be fine. 🙂

anywho…nothing really to say this morning, except have an Awesome day!

update-#1 added in links to the sites, items.
update-#2 My Truffle pix