woohoo! Hello and happy Thursday!! 1 day till the weekend! 😀

I’ve been writing again, and it feels good! It’s been months since I’ve been thinking/remembering to write. After the issues with the head injury causing loss of memory, and then the high blood pressure issues. I’ve had a bit of problems remembering things.

I’m still reviewing my outlines/notes for stories that my co-writer and I were working on, and I do intend to get back to them. However, it’s been a while. And it’s been even longer since I’ve written a story by myself, I need…no I want to do this!

And while it’s a little slow going, I’m up to thirteen pages and 5, 459 words. Not to shabby. IMO. Especially since I’m writing this story in another established universe. It’s still my Briana that is a main character, write what you know, and I know my character. I haven’t lost any memory of her! =^.^=

Anywho it’s a beautiful day out, I’m not wearing my boots-sign that Spring is approaching. And I’ve ensured to complete all my paperwork before I keep typing up my story here at work. I only work on it inbetween appointments.

I need to see if one of my friends would be willing to draw an art piece of Briana in a Stargate Uni with Sheppard and Lorne. wish me luck on that.

Laters, stay safe and choose to be Happy!!! 😀