for those following me on facebook, know I’ve been re-sharing a bunch of Dr Who items. It’s just Fantastic! (Guesses on who my first doctor was? LOL)

Beautiful morning, got to work, came in, kept the lights off in the office, to enjoy the natural light- much easier on my tendency to get migraines. When all of a sudden it gets really dark in my office. A friend came and grabbed me to take a quick ‘walk’ code for a cigarette break. We got out to her car, lit up, took a drag, and then the first big drop hit me on the head. Um….
She decided we have had enough, grabbed us some umbrellas, and just as I got mine open, the sky opened up and it’s pouring outside!
Now honestly, I love storms. Always have. It just seems to energize me, I’ve never been able to explain it to anyone. A few appear to get it, or they are just being kind and then thinking I’m cracked. Which duh, they might be right. But then again… oooh, cue the Billy Joel song, You might be rightSo here I am back in my lovely office, and watching it rain. Think it’s time I open my document and do some more writing. Right after I go get some more go juice aka Coffee. [_]> Cheers!