Thank you to those that have been ‘liking’ my posts and then following my blog, that’s outstanding!! 😀

And it’s another beautiful Monday morning, a little chilly out, but it hasn’t deterred me from wearing my sandals. LOL 🙂 I’m so ready for the nice Spring weather. Including wearing my daisy wristlets, not quite a full arm warmer, but enough to comply with the dress code and cover up my tattoos, on my arms. Some days, I just don’t get it, they aren’t rude, crude or obnoxious. My right arm is Jeannie, from I Dream of Jeannie, and my left arm is Samantha from Bewitched. Both really cute little art pieces that were designed for me by two awesome artists. However, I do follow the rules, easier than being cranky about it.

If you noticed, there were no blogs Thursday and Friday, so let’s do a recap. LOL

Thursday; I woke up at 3a with a migraine Category OMG! I give them category ratings, 1-5 I can maybe deal and work through, 6-8 questionable about work, see what I can do, and if necessary go home early. 9 & 10, no way, I’m calling in. The OMG! Category, I’m about to go to the ER to get a shot, as soon as I can focus to drive. But I was never able to focus, I took what meds I do have for migraines, pulled down the black out curtains, turned off the heat, and turned on the fans. I prefer cold and dark. No lights, no smells, no noises. The pounding of my head is more than enough, however occasionally I have turned on some classical. Just no 1812 overture. Nature sounds….if they have repetive noise, no way. I have found an interesting little app, Omvana that has a nice relaxing channel on there, and I was using that on Thursday. I think by 8pm, I was able to sit up without falling over, or covering my head.

Friday; Got up early, was getting ready to fix the morning coffee, when Hubs informed me we had to stop for blood/labwork for him, before going to his procedure. So no coffee…he was fasting, and therefore I was fasting. ugh 😦
Made it to the place that did his labwork, and he was out in fifteen minutes. Phlebotomists love him. Me, I’d be there for longer than fifteen minutes. And next stop was coffee at Starbuck’s before going to Indianapolis for his procedure. Which went well. He only whined for a few hours after.
While down in Indianapolis, and after having multiple packets lost, I decided to hand-deliver my application for testing for my Licensure. YAY! It was taken, and then I was informed that there is still one more step. ack ACK! I’ve been attempting since October to get the date for my test…okay, okay…I’m calm. And this morning I scheduled the last thing I needed for my application. A full Criminal Background Check, this is not a problem for me. I’ve had oh lets see, since I started the schooling for this profession, I’ve had five of these done, and I’m good!! 🙂 Just one more little hurdle, and then it’s Exam time!!
After dropping that off, and receiving that news, we decided to go to TGIF’s for lunch, love their new less expensive menu options. Still an excellent meal, at a lower price. Plus going before 4p you also get a break on pricing.
And Hubs was feeling better, and wanting to go walk around the Mall before we headed home. So off to Castleton Square we went. For Mall walking, and people watching it’s a good mall. I did however go into a few of my favorite stores, and um…yeah, I found a pair of Hello Kitty hoop earrings for 50% off, and if I used my card-an additional 20% off. I couldn’t resist, okay, I probably could have, but I wanted them, and 70% off total, for a girl, that’s a D E A L! I know, guys are thinking, I could have saved 100% and not buy them. Yeah, yeah…whatev. LOL I’ll see if I can find a really good clear picture of them.
hoop earrings

back to it, Have an Awesome day!! 😀