I’ve received a few email’s on why I haven’t touched on the Boston Marathon tragedy.

Honestly, while once upon a time, I wanted to be a journalist, I’m NOT! And while yes this is a horrible tragedy, it is getting enough attention through the ‘real’ media. Which is where it should be. IMO
Also I see various tragedies every day, not on this scale, but still… and so I blog about what I want, and try to keep it somewhat light, silly. Yesterday’s blog entry got a lot of likes, and was even re-blogged; thank you all very very much!! You have no idea what that means to me!! HUGS! 😀

Now then with that being said, what do I discuss today?
well honestly, I don’t know. Oooh, I got a new stress ball, and a tin of tea. Hubs brought me a world stress ball, that way I can hum, “I’ve got the whole world in my hands.” And possibly not rip it in half. The tin of tea was from a friend that understands the healthy benefits of a good cup of tea. It’s hard to be cranky or mopey when drinking tea. At least that’s my opinion. Oh right, and theirs too. 🙂

Otherwise it’s a chilly Wednesday morning with some scattered rain here and there. Still beautiful, and peaceful in it’s own way. I’ve been plotting out the next bit in my story, as I’ve hit a snag, my own fault. I plotted before starting to write, but…lost that bit of paper. I have now downloaded a new app, imagine that, for just this purpose. Corraling my plot bunnies. 😀 I’ll do a mini review of it later and let ya’ll know what I think of it. It brags a lot of user friendliness, and ease of customization. Okie dokies. We’ll see.

Other than that, I’m thinking of starting a tradition here that I used to do on twitter and tumbler. Let’s see if anyone recognizes the #FollowFriday hastag? LOL 😛 But yes, as a thank you to the one’s that consistently like my posts, and to the one’s that have reblogged me, I’m going to make you the first one’s on this Friday’s check out this blog. If you don’t want that, please leave me a comment. If you have a blog that you think I should take a lookie at, please leave me a comment with the link. I am voracious reader of a lot of different genres. So I appreciate different recommendations.

Guess that’s it for now, going back to plotting, squeezing the new stress ball, and enjoying a bit of tea. Ya’ll have a great day!