LOL Oh yeah, I skipped yesterday, if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all. I couldn’t even do a vent post, because most of it… well ya’ll know I can swear. yeah… just a real humdinger of a day and let’s leave it at that! okie dokies.

So today, wow! Started out so pretty this morning, I slipped into my fave sandals, and now I’m wishing I brought a change of footwear. It’s pouring outside. Pretty in it’s own way. But my feet are wet. oooh not good. LOL

And it hasn’t been all that overwhelming or frustrating today. There have been moments, but I just breathe and let it go. No sense in keeping all that in, it takes away from my personal happiness, and drains me. And no, I know it’s not that easy. Otherwise I’d be out of a job. However you can learn to relax, reduce stress, and feel so much better, mentally and emotionally. And no, it doesn’t happen overnight. Let’s be realistic, it didn’t take you overnight to acquire all the habits you have, so… most habit changes take a year. There are research/journal articles on it on the web. But yes, to change a habit, it takes a year. So… being able to do what I do, and let it go, it took me a bit to learn and practice, to the point now, that it’s almost second nature.

Otherwise, I’m still writing, and omg I’ve gotten my email’s down. I’ll go on chrome tonight so I can get the exact number, I like knowing the numbers. I’m weird like that. So I am caught up and in the current month and year! WooHOOO! lol 😛 ahhh it’s those little things…

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! till later…. HUGS!