It’s also on your calendar as the start of WTF, LOL 😀 Yeah, my twisted sense of humor strikes again!

Because honestly, wtf… It’s been raining all night, lovely sleep. I do sleep better listening to the rain patter on my roof. Ahhh, so relaxing. I just went for a quick walk, and dudes, omg! There is snow mixed into my rain! LOL Really? Right, wait five minutes. Almost forgot that rule. LOL

Oh yes, the smart aleckiness is in full mode today. Wow! I almost feel sorry for my coworkers, but every so often they need a bunch of perky moi in their lives. I mean, otherwise it could be horribly boring for them. LOL 😀

I’d also like to say, “THANK YOU!” To my new followers, ya’ll make me happy! 😀 HUGS

and another woohoo moment, I have received an email, thank goodness the inbox is not as full, that I have been approved to take my Licensing examination. WOOHOOO!!! 😀 Now if only their site would work, or it could be the IE I’m forced to use at work. LOL So I’ll be completing my registration on my lappy later. And planning on vacation days at the same time. I know I get test anxiety bad, and that I need to re-fresh my memory on some of the stuff from the seminar I took this past summer. So three days before the test, test day, and then a day after to go AHHH, that’s over with. LOL Remember what I said yesterday, some things are second knowledge to me, but I know how I get with tests, esp ones that I really really need to pass!! I’m not going for 100%, my VA intern supervisor helped me get over that issue. I just need to pass!

So what am I doing today; well the monthly meeting/carry in, that so far no one has brought food for. :p Then seeing some clients, and maybe doing a little bit of writing, at the mo, I’m really weighing my options for a total rewrite of the beginning, or taking this in a semi- interesting new direction. I’m going for the latter.

Ya’ll enjoy your day!