Tomorrow is May fourth, aka May the Fourth be with you day aka Star Wars day! 

It’s also Free comic book day! Woot!! 😀 I’ve been deciding if to go to just one store, or the main one’s I frequent? That would be about seven maybe nine… I can’t quite remember. Why so many? Because this store doesn’t carry that, that store doesn’t carry this, if the creepy comic book dude is working- yeah- I’ll go to the other store across town. 

Comic Book Store Owners, it’s lovely when you want to connect with your female consumers, but there is a ‘right’ way and a ‘wrong’ way. Sneaking up behind me, and patting my ass, uh yeah, that is what’s known at the ‘wrong & Creepy’ Way! OMG!  I would love to see you try that with my little brother, who is over six feet tall! Go on! I dare ya! LOL 

Honestly! Where has common sense gone? The way of the Dodo! yep, I knew it. 

perhaps another post later… have a beautiful day!