Okay this was to be the subject for Monday evenings blog… and I still feel it’s relevant.

Massage therapy is a healthy thing to have done for you. It reduces stress, physically relaxes you, and it’s also beneficial in pain management. — if done correctly.

Now then a lot of massage therapists do not want to work on people with fibromyalgia. Why? Because they usually do deep tissue massage and um, not a lot of people with fibro want that done to them. For example, if I have deep tissue done to me, I better have the next week off- for recovery time. It hurts worse than it’s supposed to. Now for others it’s fine. Hubs can have deep tissue done on him, and it hurts for a bit, but then he’s ready to go.

Other issues I’ve had with some-not all- massage facilities, omg, I’m a fluffy girl. Yes, I’ve lost weight, however I’m not oh a skinny Minnie. And yes, I’ve been turned away from a massage therapist for being fluffy. Now then the one’s that have worked with me, I’ve noticed that it does help me lose weight and I’m more apt to be able to do some more physical activities in the days following a massage. I don’t overdo it, as sure I feel good, but I know what can happen to me if I do overdo it. 😦
Second issue I’ve had…this one is hilarious… I’m a girl. (Um sarcasm alert) OMG! No really? Yes, a few of the massage therapists do not want to work on a woman. Why? Their personal hangup’s is my number one guess.
Third issue and another funny reason IMO, noises. Yes, noises. You know it feels good when you are getting a massage, and honestly, some times people moan. It doesn’t mean it’s sexual! It means it feels good, and oh yes, do that again. IN A NON SEXUAL WAY!! Get over yourselves.

So if you are a fluffy girl with chronic pain issues, and make noises where do you go? Well you ask around. Do your research, do you just wing it? Some do, and I have while on vacation. But…that’s a one time deal. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get a massage session at least twice a month, you’re going to want someone that you can be with. This isn’t an intimate, intimate moment. But let’s face it. You’re pretty much nude, and this person is touching your body! Shouldn’t you want to look into it a bit?

If anyone would like to know the name of my therapist, she’s good, works with anyone, can be quiet not chatty-also a bonus. I tend to want to zone out when I’m in a session. And she’s inexpensive. So I could afford a massage once a week. And yes, I am looking into that possibility. 🙂 Leave a message and I’ll update her into the blog. My best research is a friend that I trust! Or in this case, hubs. He went to see her first, and like me he’s picky. Now, he’s not fluffy, he’s not a girl, and yes he is chatty, however he is critical of pressure and what muscle groups are focused on more than others. And when I went to see her, she is a trained reflexology therapist as well. OMG, she was able to massage my feet! That is Awesome! I have the most ticklish feet of anyone I know. And she was able to manipulate them and wow!

So any one have any other things you look for in a massage therapist.
Pain management for me is a big issue. I don’t take meds for my fibro. I use meditation and other coping skills that I teach. Pain however is vastly unique for the individual. There are days when I’m at a level 20, yeah… but I keep going. I’m um…stubborn. LOL I say tenacious. but whatever? So with a massage therapist to is able to work with someone with fibro is very important. They can help reduce the pain level to where it’s highly manageable for more than a day. I had my massage on Monday and the majority of my pain is at a 6. That is very manageable. Without any massages I’m higher than that. And the massage was on Monday, this is now Thursday, so for me, three days so far with a lower level of pain. That helps with your stress reduction, if you’re not in pain, your stress level automatically drops. It’s easier to deal with ‘issues’ when you’ve had enough sleep and aren’t in pain. Just FYI. (I’m a therapist, I know that!) LOL 😀

so that is Monday’s blog entry-and later today, we’ll see what else is stuck in the hamster wheel I like to call my brain. LOL 😛 okay okay, it’s more like an amusement park in there. A good sense of humor is also vital to being a Healthy Human Being.

speaking of humor, watch the photo blog for some fun pix from me! I downloaded the Buddy Poke app for the iPhone/iPad and I’m having a blast playing around with it. Yes, you should play as an adult, it helps keep you young, healthy and active. If what you do isn’t physical, okay, it still keeps your brain active.

and one more healthy tidbit; Drink your H2O aka Water!! The temps may not be in the heat index yet, but why wait, hydration is good for you. Fights fatigue. 🙂

Till later, Have an awesome Day! YOU Are AWESOME! Yes you are!!!