Happy Happy Joy JOY! =^.^=

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Okay, I am not a cosplayer, but with that being said. I do dress up for some conventions. Star Base Indy, Gen Con
And I’ve been known to have some fun while in ‘uniform’ my ships Captain has informed me it’s not a costume, it’s a uniform. 🙂 See Cap’n, I do pay attention. LOL

But today I am ordering my dress for Gen Con, Squee!!! Bonus! It’s waaay under what I was budgeting. So Squeee! Now all I have to do is make the rest of the outfit for the Con. You know, growing up is optional. And so many adults have forgotten how to have fun and play. I still love dress up! And at some cons, if you aren’t dressed up, then yeah. You really stand out in the crowd. Now the celebrity guests, no, they aren’t in uniform/costume. They are actors- not the actual characters. Love getting ppl going with that distinction. Oh yeah, the psych in me has way to much fun at cons. LOL 😛
And yes, there are grown ppl, that really have issues distinguishing an actor from the role they play. OI!

Anywho, once I am sure that the order is placed, I’ll be sharing pix here later. What? There’s a limited amount available, and I’m not sharing till I’ve ordered mine. I’m nice 99% of the time, so this one time is my 1% of not being nice. 😛 Bleh lol

It’s Friday!
I don’t wanna do anything…but I have a massage appt for when I get off work, so that will make the day a LOT nicer! And speaking of nice, time to go give two girlies some awesome news!!!

~*~ Peace ~*~

lol to capitalize or not?

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Ok ok, this is amusing to me, it seems that some ppl want to know why I capitalize Hugs for some, and not for others-hugs.

omg! seriously, it’s mainly cause my fingers hurt and/or I’m being lazy. Esp on the phone.

no big deal ppl. Honestly. hugs Hugs or HUGS all mean the same.

now then if I give you Huggles, well that’s a bunch of hugs rolled into one.

whatever? Some ppl worry about the silliest things.
um hugs, Hugs, and huggles

and oh yeah, sorry about the lack of posts this week, between my sinuses, and the migraines-I’ve been having on a daily basis. I just have not had the focus to write. Which makes me sad. 😦

I’ll catch up on a huge post either later today, or tomorrow. It’s an Awesome Day!
Let’s do this!!

Now and Then

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The Art Studio by Mark Moore

Twilights Last Gleaming low

“Twilights Last Gleaming” A tribute to the American Military ( original available for purchase )

So Proudly They Hailed Print low

“So Proudly They Hailed” star spangled banner ( original available for purchase )

cherry blossom low

“Cherry Blossom” coming out of the dark  SOLD

City of many print 1

“City Of Many” New Orleans offers so much culture and beauty ( original available for purchase )

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Happy Summer Solstice!! )0(

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That’s right, it’s the ‘official’ start of the Summer season!

And it’s my anniversary! We’ve been married for 14 years! And together for ten before that. So whoa, I’ve been with this dude for 24 years. Um, yeah! Big WOW! LOL 😀

And now for the not so fun news; he’s sick. Like really really sick. He was able to get in to see his doctor this morning, hm, apparently this bug is going around. And he’s going to need meds. So I cancelled our dinner reservations in Indy. And I’ll be picking up some chicken noodle soup on the way home after work. Along with some orange juice, and water. He doesn’t like water from the tap. Even with the Brita filter I’ve put on it. Some people just like their bottled water. I keep teasing him, I’m going to stick a baby bottle top on it. LOL 😛

And since he might be contagious. We’ll be in seperate rooms later. He can watch a movie on his laptop, and I’ll be watching a movie in my room. woot! (And yes, that woot is sarcastic)

But back to the Summer Solstice, it’s the first ‘official’ day of Summer. Any one have any special plans?

For my Pagan/Wiccan Friends, Blessed Be )0(

for those that want to know more on the pagan view: Midsummer
Summer Solstice

And just in case anyone is wondering, I just received a text from Hubs, he has Gastritis Infection. They are ordering a chest x-ray and blood work to rule out Namibia and jaundice. A while back there was a woman that came in to hubs work, her pupils were bright yellow. He washed his hands, and used alcohol on all the surfaces she had touched, but still for his peace of mind, the doctor is having the tests done. And she is from the region for the other rule out… um… whoa…
sometimes I love wiki, and others, I wished I hadn’t looked to see what he’s ruling out.
So yay, tests to ensure it’s only the one thing. And um, yeah, he is infectious. woonothoo…

okay Punkins, laters! Have a beautiful day!

Dear App developers

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Let’s have a quick chat, shall we?

Good. Yeah, I’m going to talk anyway.

So I just downloaded an app, nothing new there. But here’s the thing, first time I open it up and it wants a review um…I haven’t even used it yet! So.

and then the next time, and the next time and the next time.

Here’s the deal; so far I like the app, I DON’T LIKE being asked every single time I open it to give a review…so guess what I’m going to say in the review?? YUP! exactly that!

oi, people if you develop app’s, I understand you want feedback, but not the first time I open an app or every time thereafter… code it to wait till at least after ten opens. By then I know what I like, don’t like, and can give an actual review.

Okie dokies, that’s it. thank you for listening… and have a beautiful day!

bunny is sad…

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ahhh… my bunny muse is taking a hiatus for a few days…

I’m going to re-read some things, and see if I can make the allusions I have written make a bit more sense… if not, I will keep writing for my own enjoyment, and not put the story up. 😦

then again, I’m not a quitter, and I just may see what someone else thinks of what I’ve written so far. I respect this person, and so I’m taking what they said seriously, but on the other hand, it’s kinda knocked my bunny for a loop. Cie la vie!

until later…I’m finding some coffee.

Keep calm and hop on!

whoa… HI!


yeah yesterday’s blog never materialized… I started one, and then…scrapped it. I’m of the mind, that if I really have to force myself to write, it’s not going to happen or it’s going to be ugly, or spiral downwards into a nasty ranting post. And I hear enough drama not to add to it.
so if I can’t write anything positive, I try to keep the ranting to a minimum. And yesterday it just would’ve added fuel to a fire. Oh the fire is still burning, but I’m ignoring it, hmm? Marshmallows…if you can’t fight it, might as well use it for something fun! LOL

Today, a huge thank you to a few friends!!

From my friend, Dona Disney Princesses reimagined I love different takes on known characters, and some of these are quite brilliant.

From my friend, Sandy, a new word: Snlaughing- laughing so hard you snort, and then laughing at your snorts. perfect for me! LOL

And from my friend, David who initially sent me the link to this site. I love it!!
I’ve been reading Jolly Jack for years, and unfortunately with the issues with my ISP etc. I haven’t been able to. Today however I took a mental health break and checked it out and I was snlaughing!! LOL

I’ve gone back to the beginning of these strips and the links take you there. Enjoy!

my favorite strip; Sequential Art

A new strip; Battle Bunnies

Happy Wednesday! Go read some new funnies and let me know what you think?
Keep calm and giggle! 😀

and now…

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For some Red/Green

*Then* Patrick McKenna as Harold
tumblr_lre6fzAhur1qfskxfo1_500 (1)

Patrick McKenna *Now*

Guess What?


It’s Monday! And what a lovely Monday it is!

No snow! LOL It’s a little grey outside, but it’s not to bad.

Finally got to call my dad, it was later than I wanted, but I was at work yesterday, and I did manage to call.

I was also able to get some writing done and that makes me happy! Thanks to a friend that shared a link with me, it helped get me out of a spot that I had worked myself into and has even helped with some other plot points. I love help. 🙂 The original outline I had for the story, had to many holes in it. And I’ve already had to adjust a few things. Little discrepancies that I’ve noticed after I’ve already written them. Bonus points, I caught and fixed them, and it didn’t require a major re-write, just a bit of imagination and a few conspiracy theories. LOL No seriously, there is a paragraph or two where I’ve borrowed a conspiracy theory that to this day makes me giggle. I couldn’t resist. 😛

And then when I finally made it home, and fixed my dinner. Yes, I cooked. Okay, don’t get all excited, it was a pot pie. LOL But still I had to use the oven. That counts as cooking, right? LOL 😛 Called my dad, and then settled down to watch Stargate SG:1, research. The episode I watched was “The Other Guys” with John Billingsley, and Patrick McKenna-I know him from the Red/Green show, and he’s brilliantly hilarious. There are some great lines in the episode, and I was giggling so hard. I started crying, and then I heard, “We might as well be wearing red shirts.” I died! LOL 😀

After that ep, I decided to call it a night, even though this is my nights week, I still get up at 0530 to be at work early enough to get myself set up for the day. Review documentation, get coffee, and get myself in the zone.

Till later, ya’ll have a great and beautiful Monday!! 😀
Keep calm and don’t tempt fate by wearing a red shirt on Monday. LOL 😛

Happy Father’s Day!

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I’m at work, and I’d much rather be with my daddy celebrating his day.

Alas, that is not going to happen. So hopefully he understands. Which I’m sure he does. And I’ll be calling him asap.


Have a Happy Happy Father’s Day!

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