Woot! 😀

and it’s the first day of a new software program at work. So far, not so bad. One major glitch, and then a few little glitches. But with only three hours total of training time, spread out and not all at once, I think I’m doing fine. 🙂 I learn best by doing, hand’s on. So…

Goal for the day; Stay Calm, you’re doing fine.

Goal for the week; Stay Calm!

And by next Monday, I should be good. It doesn’t take a lot of learning time for me, and that’s a good thing. I’ve always been able to catch or beat the learning curve for most new software programs. Years of change and updating programs. I just need to remember to stay calm, and breathe! Everyone here is learning, so patience is the keyword of the day and most likely the month. 🙂 We’re all going to be fine.

till later, ya’ll have a great Monday!!