You know, this could be funny or sad, depending on your perspective. I think it’s hilarious personally. I was tired last night, and went to bed at a reasonable time. After I finally stopped reading the replies on twitter and Facebook. LOL okay, the issue was more the replying to the replies if we want to get technical. 🙂

And then I had some interesting dreams. I was dreaming about doing intakes with this new program. Yeah…see you have to think this is hilarious. For me it is, but it also helps me ‘learn’ faster. I’ve always done this with new jobs and stuff that takes a lot of mental work. For example in basic training, one my Drill Sergeants told us we would dream about breaking down our weapon…and I was like, yeah sure, whatever. Until, oh yeah…I had dreams about doing just that. And wooooo guess what? I could close my eyes and field strip my weapon and put it back together with my eyes still closed.

So while it didn’t help with my sleep, I’m doing much better on the actual program today and haven’t had to call the help desk, once! Woohoo!! And it’s only day 2. I told people at work, if I made it through the first day, I’d be good! *Pats self on Back* LOL 😛

So how do you learn best? Reading, listening, or hands on? Everyone has a different style of learning, and once you realize what your’s is, it really does help the stress factor.

take care and have a beautiful day! It’s a beautiful 69 degrees here in Central Indiana.- well my area. 😀