It’s Monday! And what a lovely Monday it is!

No snow! LOL It’s a little grey outside, but it’s not to bad.

Finally got to call my dad, it was later than I wanted, but I was at work yesterday, and I did manage to call.

I was also able to get some writing done and that makes me happy! Thanks to a friend that shared a link with me, it helped get me out of a spot that I had worked myself into and has even helped with some other plot points. I love help. 🙂 The original outline I had for the story, had to many holes in it. And I’ve already had to adjust a few things. Little discrepancies that I’ve noticed after I’ve already written them. Bonus points, I caught and fixed them, and it didn’t require a major re-write, just a bit of imagination and a few conspiracy theories. LOL No seriously, there is a paragraph or two where I’ve borrowed a conspiracy theory that to this day makes me giggle. I couldn’t resist. 😛

And then when I finally made it home, and fixed my dinner. Yes, I cooked. Okay, don’t get all excited, it was a pot pie. LOL But still I had to use the oven. That counts as cooking, right? LOL 😛 Called my dad, and then settled down to watch Stargate SG:1, research. The episode I watched was “The Other Guys” with John Billingsley, and Patrick McKenna-I know him from the Red/Green show, and he’s brilliantly hilarious. There are some great lines in the episode, and I was giggling so hard. I started crying, and then I heard, “We might as well be wearing red shirts.” I died! LOL 😀

After that ep, I decided to call it a night, even though this is my nights week, I still get up at 0530 to be at work early enough to get myself set up for the day. Review documentation, get coffee, and get myself in the zone.

Till later, ya’ll have a great and beautiful Monday!! 😀
Keep calm and don’t tempt fate by wearing a red shirt on Monday. LOL 😛