yeah yesterday’s blog never materialized… I started one, and then…scrapped it. I’m of the mind, that if I really have to force myself to write, it’s not going to happen or it’s going to be ugly, or spiral downwards into a nasty ranting post. And I hear enough drama not to add to it.
so if I can’t write anything positive, I try to keep the ranting to a minimum. And yesterday it just would’ve added fuel to a fire. Oh the fire is still burning, but I’m ignoring it, hmm? Marshmallows…if you can’t fight it, might as well use it for something fun! LOL

Today, a huge thank you to a few friends!!

From my friend, Dona Disney Princesses reimagined I love different takes on known characters, and some of these are quite brilliant.

From my friend, Sandy, a new word: Snlaughing- laughing so hard you snort, and then laughing at your snorts. perfect for me! LOL

And from my friend, David who initially sent me the link to this site. I love it!!
I’ve been reading Jolly Jack for years, and unfortunately with the issues with my ISP etc. I haven’t been able to. Today however I took a mental health break and checked it out and I was snlaughing!! LOL

I’ve gone back to the beginning of these strips and the links take you there. Enjoy!

my favorite strip; Sequential Art

A new strip; Battle Bunnies

Happy Wednesday! Go read some new funnies and let me know what you think?
Keep calm and giggle! 😀