Okay, I am not a cosplayer, but with that being said. I do dress up for some conventions. Star Base Indy, Gen Con
And I’ve been known to have some fun while in ‘uniform’ my ships Captain has informed me it’s not a costume, it’s a uniform. 🙂 See Cap’n, I do pay attention. LOL

But today I am ordering my dress for Gen Con, Squee!!! Bonus! It’s waaay under what I was budgeting. So Squeee! Now all I have to do is make the rest of the outfit for the Con. You know, growing up is optional. And so many adults have forgotten how to have fun and play. I still love dress up! And at some cons, if you aren’t dressed up, then yeah. You really stand out in the crowd. Now the celebrity guests, no, they aren’t in uniform/costume. They are actors- not the actual characters. Love getting ppl going with that distinction. Oh yeah, the psych in me has way to much fun at cons. LOL 😛
And yes, there are grown ppl, that really have issues distinguishing an actor from the role they play. OI!

Anywho, once I am sure that the order is placed, I’ll be sharing pix here later. What? There’s a limited amount available, and I’m not sharing till I’ve ordered mine. I’m nice 99% of the time, so this one time is my 1% of not being nice. 😛 Bleh lol

It’s Friday!
I don’t wanna do anything…but I have a massage appt for when I get off work, so that will make the day a LOT nicer! And speaking of nice, time to go give two girlies some awesome news!!!

~*~ Peace ~*~