ummmmmmmmmm Happy Friday?


You know some Fridays start off fantastically! While others seem to start with a whimper… you know what I mean. It’s like, oh yeah, it’s Friday. Um woo hoo.

Course mine is somewhat understandable after the little health scare yesterday.
And thank goodness my boss let me leave to go to the CBOC. I had been feeling light headed and dizzy. Almost fainted three times in my office. And then OMG! Category off the charts migraine hit me, that suddenly. I normally have a buildup, or I can feel one coming on. This was just “BLAM!” and I was nearly out of it. Sounds, smells, and the light…I’m really light sensitive. The location was completely different as well. So yeah, I left work and drove myself to the CBOC. No one here volunteered, hubs was at work. I couldn’t reach any family to come and get me. So I drove the back way that way if something did happen, I’d crash in a field and not into anyone else. Yeah, that’s somewhat dramatic of me, but I do think like that. Keeps everyone else safe, I mean I was impaired. IN PAIN!

so anywho I get there, my awesome nurse got me in, turned off the lights, got me an ice pack and after checking my bp which, duh, was up. Told me to lie down and relax while staffing with my doctor. Good news, the symptoms I was having are fairly close to a woman’s symptoms of having a heart attack. But It was NOT a heart attack! Bad news, It was the worst migraine ever!! So I’m up for some more neurological tests! can we say, Woohoo?? LOL I swear I have to keep a sense of humor, and mine is mainly smartassery! It kind of makes sense. 😛
So I received some good meds, and they called hubs to come and retrieve me. I was NOT allowed to drive after ingesting the meds, talk about impaired. Woooo! I was all wonky and loopy, and dudes! I swear I could sing…. okay, very loud, and I was making up my own lyrics, but I didn’t care. LOL
Hubs got me, was brave enough to stop and we ate dinner at IHOP, apparently he doesn’t care if I might have embarrassed myself at IHOP. He’s amused easily. LOL 😀 After that we made another quick stop, and then home! Where he tucked me in to bed, gave me a cup of tea, my next dosage of medication, and put Stargate SG:1 in my DVD player. I was allowed one ep and then sleepy time. Okay, so he conked out first, and I watched two eps. Turned off the dvd player And then I was loopy enough to fall asleep.

So after that excitement, I’m just a little meh this morning. I’ll probably get back to the perky perky moi after a bit!! I’m just easing into it. Or lulling my co-workers into a false sense of _________! LOL Oh yeah, I can feel it start to wake up. OOOH! More coffee should do it!

Ya’ll take care! Keep Calm and Keep Groovin’ ON! *Wiggle wiggle wiggle*

the Virus

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Please watch, doesn’t have a link to embed the video, so go here:

Social Media Virus

share the message! Thank you! We are the cure, get educated and speak to your children, tell them that they are loved. Don’t brush it off. Thank you!

It’s a grey and rainy morning…

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Yeah doesn’t have the same punch as “It’s a dark and stormy night.”

But it’s true. LOL Went to bed with my phone buzzing every ten to fifteen minutes with weather alerts; severe t-storms, flash floods, and oh my, even tornadoes. Yeah, that kind of made for a restful nights sleep. NOT! LOL 😛

But I finally fell completely asleep, because the alarm jolted me awake this morning. And yes, it’s grey out and raining sporadically. Not bad. But I like this type of weather. No, I never claimed to be normal, quite the opposite really. LOL

In other news, I found out that the wobbly in my car was due to a bad tire. I was afraid it was my tie rods. Not an easy fix, and kind of expensive. But yay! It was only a tire. Hubs took my car to the tire place yesterday and they gave him an amazing deal on a set of four. He was only going to replace the front two, but it turned out cheaper, to do the whole set of four. So woohoo! My car drove like a dream this morning, no wobbly, no weird noises. Other than me singing along with the radio. lol And now I’m not going to be freaking out when driving it. Oh Yeah, nothing like his prophecies of doom and gloom. “Your tire could blow and then you’d die!”, “If you turn a corner to fast, the tire could blow, and then you’d die!” See a pattern here and he was wondering why I didn’t want to get back into the “Death trap” after he told me those things. LOL I switched cars with him. Hey, he obviously wasn’t as freaked out as me after that convo.

And it’s Thursday!! One more day to the weekend. I have Saturday off. I’m on call Sunday. So Saturday I’m driving to Indy and running some errands and hope to meet up with some friends. Good stuff! I also hope to have a cook out soon! I love grilling. Yes, I love grilling. So the whole fireball at the beginning can be a little dangerous. I’ve been known to over-douse the charcoal with the fire fuel. Whoops! But it really makes people take notice! LOL 😛 And then once the whole thing is ready for the food. I’m all woot! Let’s do this! Plus clean up is a breeze. Scrape the gunk off the grill, rinse it down and viola, done! Okay, yeah summer is minimum fuss when doing food.

Speaking of minimum fuss, this new email is interesting, I’m not used to seeing my inbox with only six email’s.

Let’s have a great day! Keep calm and be awesome! Remember you got this! 😀

Happy Art For Your Home

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Woot Wednesday

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Wow I was listening to the thunder rumbling last night, as I was getting ready to watch “Oz the Great and Powerful” lovely movie by the way. No, seriously, the imagery WOW!

But it brought up some interesting memories. As most of you know, I’m a Wiccan, aka a Witch. Wicca is the name of the religion/spiritual path I follow, and Witch is what I am. 🙂
Over the years, I’ve had people ask me; “Are you a wicked witch or a good witch like, Glinda?” And I was always saying, I’m neither, I’m me. I’ve never associated myself with Glinda the good. She always seem to be…to perfect. After reading the book Wicked by Gregory Maquire, I understood the so-called Wicked witch much better. I’ve still never defined myself either as good or wicked. I am what I am. To quote Dr. Seuss: Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!
The man was very wise!!

Anywho, it stormed a bit last night, made for a peaceful night’s sleep. And this morning it’s beautiful the sky is so blue, lots of little fluffy clouds outside of my office window. And I’ve been watching the squirrel’s play in the neighborhood. Cute little squirrels. 🙂

and I’m declaring it Wicked Wednesday! LOL What kind of stuff do you do, that other’s find to be ‘wicked?’ I try to keep myself in the moment, and yet, I do find a few little things I might consider to be wicked, but then remember I have a twisted sense of humor. For example of a wicked thing I’ve done, take the last cup of coffee and not make a new pot. “How wicked wicked of me…” LOL 😛


Have a beautiful and wonderful Wednesday! Stay awesome! Stay calm and keep grooving on. ~ Yeah you can thank my bestie that sent me an email with lyrics in it this morning for that one, “That’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, we like it.” Seriously I have awesome friends that get how to play!


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D is obsessed with mermaids – wanting to be one since the Ariel days at the ripe age of 5. As a result we love all things Under the Sea & mermaid related. When Deborah Lippmann introduced Mermaid’s Dream we literally ran to the store to buy it like polish crazed lunatics. The mix of shimmer base polish, subtle micro glitter & larger hex glitters peppered through out the bottle is perfection! We couldn’t contain our excitement when we found out there would be a full collection come Summer 2013!

Mermaid’s Kiss: Our favourite of the collection, this swatch did not photograph how it looks in real life. This polish has a soft blush shimmer base, gold glitters & raspberry sequins – pink glitter party on your nails! We used 3 coats for the swatches below due to the light base polish shade.IMG_1363IMG_1360

Million Dollar Mermaid: this polish is a pale…

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Positive Tuesday

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Woo! So yesterday was annoyance, today has to be positive. It’s just the way I am. I hate staying all meh, bleh, and yeeargh!

So the positive for having a new email address:
1) No spam!
2) No chain letters
3) No thousands of emails in my inbox, with only 18% left!
***I had gotten my email down to under 1500. Woot!! and I was going through and weeding them out daily. which segues us into reason number
when I get a shopping rewards card, even when I check-no email- I still get email. So Yay! no more of those!
5) Control over who has and doesn’t have the new email address. I love my friends and family. But…with that being said, I didn’t ask you to forward my email with my email addy in it for your fifteen thousand friends to start emailing me spammy junk. Seriously, people remember your email etiquette. If you are going to forward something, two options: Copy/paste into a new email. OR click forward and erase all the prior email addresses. YEAH! I copy/paste into a new email. 🙂

I’m sure I’ll think of more, but at the moment, these are the important ones! IMO. 😛
Still waiting on some ppl to email me, so I can ‘snag’ their addies again.

I’m still changing email address on a few sites that I really do utilize. oooh, I can to go to amazon and ebay later tonight. LOL The priorities, people! The priorities. Both carry Books!! Books I say! 😀 LOL

overall yeah, the annoyance is still slightly there, but not to degree I was having yesterday and all the positives are adding up to relieve some other stress.

Until later, keep your chin up, don’t panic, Keep Calm and Have a groovy day!
pretty cute lil posies


My Love by Mark Moore

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beautiful art by Mark Moore

The Art Studio by Mark Moore



“My Love” acrylic on canvas 24 x 30

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So I had a text message from google this morning, and yeah, my warning flags went up. Went on the comp, and found the toll free # to call.

well shoot! my personal account was compromised. So I’m now updating all my accts, and asking for friends to email me so I can ‘grab’ their email’s for this new acct.

Google was nice enough to let me know that they could fix it. For a small one time fee of $149.99. Um, OOPS! I don’t have that kind of change to toss for this, easier to just start over. It’s annoying, but it’s FREE!

and life goes on…

ya’ll have a great day!
I need to remember what other accounts I have.


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