Happy Happy Sunday!!! 🙂

So I did mention I was a bad girlie and got a new tower, aka my new home desktop computer. And woot! I’m writing this entry on the new puter!!

oh yeah! lol

So I have the two monitors, one up top, one on the bottom. Well the bottom one is actually my tv-that doubles as a comp monitor. And I’m still getting used to this wireless keyboard. It’s ergonomic, which I like. But it’s a different type of ergo keyboard. The Logitech Wave. Pretty cool actually, and when I got it, it was under $50. so if you need/want a wireless keyboard, I can give this one ***** five stars, and it comes with a wireless mouse. Bonus!

I’ll be installing my Intuos and CS 6 this upcoming Friday, my four hour day. So that I can start making art again. I’m all twitterpated in excitment. 😀 At the moment, I’m getting used to everything and seeing how Windows 8 works.

Have a great Sunday!