I haven’t had a good venting session blog entry in a while… but yeah…I’m still going to try and put a positive spin on this rant. Because when I whine, I DO get organized and I DO do something about it.

How many people does it take to implode a group? One
Distrust mainly. They said, she said, he said, and so on and so on. OI!

How many people does it take to get a group back to status quo?
All of them!!

However that is NOT what happened. I am not answering PM’s to any individual person anymore, about this subject, I’m just going to go public. Easier in my opinion. And blah blah blah…. no names of any particular person is named. So. 🙂

So what did happen? a group imploded.

The mod’s got together and discussed it, we had three options; ban the person, write up guidelines-to bring the group back on topic, or three- push the button & turn off the lights when the last person left.

We went with option two first. Which backfired spectacularly! So many people started whining, bitching and “What happened to free speech?” Well what happened to the camaraderie, the friendliness… and the ‘attacks’ on people that were done via PM’s. Hmm? Ya’ll didn’t see those did you? NO! And honestly it wasn’t meant to be seen by you, or the person would’ve had the cojones to put on the group itself.

anyhow, that really is the gist of it, we tried to save a group, ppl railed back, and I’m more than willing to list the guidelines we had listed. I personally think they should be used on a number of groups, but that’s my opinion.

And NOW that’s the end of it. I have more important things to do with my time, then moan and groan over a facebook group. Yes, it’s nice to have friends. But at the expense of my sanity- repeated email’s, PM’s, ppl posting on my wall…some were demanding, and I deleted and unfriended them. I don’t take well to demands!! Oh right, I don’t know anyone who does, actually.

And if this post makes you want to unfriend me, then so be it. However, let’s look back at the “What happened to free speech?” And fyi, I’m not hurting anyone…unless the person has a guilty conscience. So…blah blah blah! And that’s it!!

fyi, I do reserve the right to delete flamy remarks on my blog.

Have an awesome day! And let’s get back to the fun!! No seriously, F U N ! I need that.