It’s Monday, it’s nice outside, breezy a lil chilly. But I like it!

And I was kinda playing on the computer last night, was able to download a program I’ve enjoyed using in the past. And it works!! YAY! 😀 I never did make it to install CS6 or the Intuos…but other stuff that was more priority came first.

We had left to go to a dinner function in Indy and had a bit of a mishap. Nothing major thank goodness, just more annoying, and no one returning phone calls. Finally had a nice guy stop and phone some of his friends to help us out, and by then it was time to turn around and call it a day.
We tried, Cap’n… she just couldn’t take it… lol 😛

So Sunday I was cleaning, organizing, doing laundry and dishes-the typical Domestic Goddess Gig, and after all that, I decided to be a laze about. Felt pretty good after all the cleaning I did. Hubs got home, and wanted my attention to help him with his porch project. I was all, okay. Until I found out it involved a power drill, paintbrush and a vacuum cleaner. “Say what?” After he told me to hold this here, and then started up the power drill, and my hand started shaking…he let me go back into the house. I’ll take pix later of what he did, pretty ingenious. But yeah, I was worried about my hand slipping and ending up in the ER. I’m just a lil accident prone. lol (I said a lil)

And then after that we ran to the grocery store and got a few necessities, and he snuck in an iTunes bargain, 2 for $25. So… I downloaded a new book, and a new movie-new to me. After that, it was close to sleepy time. Played and chatted on Facebook, and then curled up in bed with my iPad to read, and fell asleep. Thank goodness for timers on them. lol

And now it’s the start of another beautiful week!!
I’m nearing the end of my one digital book series, and I’m a little sad about that. It’s been a well written series. Not one book following the other, but still. It’s been good. Some individual stories better than others. And wow, who knew even in published books, we still have grammar and spelling errors. oh well…the story was well written, even if they can’t spell correctly. 😛

I hope ya’ll have a great day!
The countdown to GenCon is on: 15 days! 🙂