Rainy Monday

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Wow! The alarm went off this morning, and I hit snooze, and then I laid there and listened to the rain hitting my roof. Oh yeah, time to get up and get a move on. ๐Ÿ™‚

People think I’m weird, I love rain and thunder storms. As long as I’m at home, in bed. LOL I don’t like being out in the storm.

And since it is raining, finally the migraine is breaking down, still a little big, but thank goodness not as bad as it has been for the past week. I was having difficulty spelling little words. I had written bubbles out three times… and it still looked odd to me. And then I even had a bit of Zatanna going on, some words were sdrawkcab (backwards) oh yeah, lots of fun. Why I didn’t post a lot of stuff, do any blog entries or stuff like that. People would have had 1-I lost it, or 2-I was drunk. And really it wasn’t either.

Anywho, for those that have sinus issues, feel better.
And for everyone. Have an awesome day!

Raspberry Cake Day

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Raspberry Cake Day
July 19, 2013 in the USA

National Raspberry Cake Day is observed on July 19, 2013. Raspberry pie is pie composed of raspberry filling or topping, usually in the form of either raspberry jam, actual raspberries themselves, or some combination thereof. Raspberries can be stewed or soaked in water prior to baking to prevent burning.

The raspberry is the edible fruit of a multitude of plant species in the genus Rubus of the rose family, most of which are in the subgenus Idaeobatus; the name also applies to these plants themselves. Raspberries are perennial with woody stems.

Raspberries are an important commercial fruit crop, widely grown in all temperate regions of the World. Traditionally, raspberries were a midsummer crop, but with new technology, cultivars, and transportation, they can now be obtained year-round. Raspberries need ample sun and water for optimal development.

Where is National Raspberry Cake Day?
Nationwide USA

Canada’s Best Raspberry Layer Cake
By Amanda Barnier and The Test Kitchen

Raspberry Cake

stabby pain

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bad sinus and migraine attack

that is all

later be careful

Wacky and Wonderful Wednesday!

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And bonus news today; I was informed that my four hour friday had changed…. from noon to four, to eight to noon! *Happy Dance* I’m up early anyway, so I get up, get the workie stuff over with and then have the rest of the day off. SWEET!

Because I will be contacting the Geek Monkey’s to help me with something. And I need to organize some things, go back through my clothes-yet again. I’ve lost some more weight. My clothes are starting to fall off me, even with a belt. Good/bad…eh!

So the list for this weekend (Fri-Sun):
* Go back through closet
* Go back through the bureau
* Install the Intuos and the CS 6 programs
* Rearrange/organize some of the furniture in the room
* Laundry- never goes away… lol
* Nap! (yeah, like I’m going to forget that one.) LOL
* Geek Monkeys to the rescue
* Have Fun!

So what do ya’ll have planned for the weekend, if the weather keeps getting hotter, I hope ya’ll stay out of the sun!
Please read: http://www.redcross.org/news/article/How-to-Stay-Safe-While-The-Heat-Is-On

*** one minute the link is here, the next it’s gone…

Take care, have a great day! Drink plenty of water! ๐Ÿ™‚

how many??

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I haven’t had a good venting session blog entry in a while… but yeah…I’m still going to try and put a positive spin on this rant. Because when I whine, I DO get organized and I DO do something about it.

How many people does it take to implode a group? One
Distrust mainly. They said, she said, he said, and so on and so on. OI!

How many people does it take to get a group back to status quo?
All of them!!

However that is NOT what happened. I am not answering PM’s to any individual person anymore, about this subject, I’m just going to go public. Easier in my opinion. And blah blah blah…. no names of any particular person is named. So. ๐Ÿ™‚

So what did happen? a group imploded.

The mod’s got together and discussed it, we had three options; ban the person, write up guidelines-to bring the group back on topic, or three- push the button & turn off the lights when the last person left.

We went with option two first. Which backfired spectacularly! So many people started whining, bitching and “What happened to free speech?” Well what happened to the camaraderie, the friendliness… and the ‘attacks’ on people that were done via PM’s. Hmm? Ya’ll didn’t see those did you? NO! And honestly it wasn’t meant to be seen by you, or the person would’ve had the cojones to put on the group itself.

anyhow, that really is the gist of it, we tried to save a group, ppl railed back, and I’m more than willing to list the guidelines we had listed. I personally think they should be used on a number of groups, but that’s my opinion.

And NOW that’s the end of it. I have more important things to do with my time, then moan and groan over a facebook group. Yes, it’s nice to have friends. But at the expense of my sanity- repeated email’s, PM’s, ppl posting on my wall…some were demanding, and I deleted and unfriended them. I don’t take well to demands!! Oh right, I don’t know anyone who does, actually.

And if this post makes you want to unfriend me, then so be it. However, let’s look back at the “What happened to free speech?” And fyi, I’m not hurting anyone…unless the person has a guilty conscience. So…blah blah blah! And that’s it!!

fyi, I do reserve the right to delete flamy remarks on my blog.

Have an awesome day! And let’s get back to the fun!! No seriously, F U N ! I need that.



Happy Happy Sunday!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

So I did mention I was a bad girlie and got a new tower, aka my new home desktop computer. And woot! I’m writing this entry on the new puter!!

oh yeah! lol

So I have the two monitors, one up top, one on the bottom. Well the bottom one is actually my tv-that doubles as a comp monitor. And I’m still getting used to this wireless keyboard. It’s ergonomic, which I like. But it’s a different type of ergo keyboard. The Logitech Wave. Pretty cool actually, and when I got it, it was under $50. so if you need/want a wireless keyboard, I can give this one ***** five stars, and it comes with a wireless mouse. Bonus!

I’ll be installing my Intuos and CS 6 this upcoming Friday, my four hour day. So that I can start making art again. I’m all twitterpated in excitment. ๐Ÿ˜€ At the moment, I’m getting used to everything and seeing how Windows 8 works.

Have a great Sunday!

And what a weekend it was…

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Did some shopping Friday night, after I got off work, at Kohl’s. They were having a HUGE Sale on houseware stuff, and I needed some new towels. And then we also picked up some stuff for my room. I love Moroccan Style interior decorating, lots of pillows, explosions of color, and some unique accent pieces. Oh yeah! It’s going to look amazing, imo. ๐Ÿ™‚

And then on Saturday, it was time to do the Domestic Goddess Gig, and clean around the house. No big. Or was it? LOL ๐Ÿ˜› I got the laundry started and went to go do the dishes, when and I really have no clue how I did it, I’m just gifted I think in my klutziness. I twisted my ankle. Like really really bad. So I stopped doing the dishes, and hobbled to the fridge, grabbed an ice pack. And then hobbled to the bathroom, grabbed my ibuprofin and then hopped over to the bed, propped my foot up, placed the ice pack on the affected area, and took two ibuprofen. And then I had to text hubs that I wasn’t able to complete all the stuff on my ‘honey do’ list. whooo that was fun, not. ๐Ÿ˜›

And one of the items I had bought at Kohl’s had needed to be returned and exchanged, yeah that didn’t happen on Saturday. I was a brave trooper in pain, owies!! But the swelling went down, and the bruise isn’t all that bad. Sad, I have had enough bruises to know that.

So let’s move on to Sunday. Woke up, and my father in law was there. um…no comment.

Hubs went to work early and placed my crutches, (Yes, I own my own pair of crutches-whee) by the door. He had also placed the item that needed returned with it’s receipt next to them. Um is that a subtle hint or what? LOL So did the shower, and make up thing, got dressed, and left for the store. Minus the stupid crutches. I have a cane, it was fine.

Got to Kohl’s, did the exchange and the customer service person was very nice. I had found another one of the items, and decided to get it as well. Well the sale was buy one, get one half off. I couldn’t find another one, so woot! she gave me the one I wanted at half off. Sweet! And I grabbed some girlie stuff I’ve been needing, makeup. I put off buying makeup because it’s not a necessity. But dangit, I wanted some, so I got some. Foundation, blush and lip liner. Not a lot, just the necessities.

So wooo, that all went well. I drove back home, and was carrying my bags up the stairs, when OW! Somehow, and I really don’t know how, I re-twisted my ankle. OI! Really?

And so I texted hubs again, that I re-twisted it after making it to and from the store with the exchange done. And he was all, really? Really! But it really wasn’t that big of a surprise for him, he’s used to my klutziness by now. First thing he packs on a road trip is the first aid kit. Yeah. IKR?

But I still had stuff I wanted to accomplish in the house, and so being the stubborn person I am, I went and did them. And then I ended up in bed, with another ice pack, two ibuprofin, and a tall glass of water. OWIES! I had overdone it.
So I played on Facebook for a bit, and my bunnies asked for a Joe Calendar, I had had an incident happen earlier in the week, and I wasn’t apt to make one. However, my bunnies are nice, and so yes, I made not one, but two Joe Calendars. I get bored easily, and so I did a Firework variation of the original one. So natch, I had to go and do a Firework variation of the Kavan one I did. LOL ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m silly, I know. But it’s fun and that’s what matters.

And you can see these lovelies on the photoblog: http://mchelsmusingphlog.wordpress.com/
link function not working at the mo…. oi

till later, have a Beautiful Day!!
stay cool and hydrated

I was a Baaaaad Girlie at Best Buy!

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Oh yeah, just about had the cc paid off, when after three years, Hubs has finally realized I need a desktop computer. Uh duh! But no seriously, without having the desktop computer I have been unable to do what I normally do to help me de-stress and unwind.

so….my old computer’s harddrive is being put into the New Computer as an extra drive, and they are recovering everything!! So I’ll have two terrabytes in the new computer, as well as my external terrabyte drive. Sweet! I also got the new Intuos tablet, and CS 6 Photoshop. Yep, I miss doing my artwork.

Now then, Hubs got a spiffy new gaming laptop. Whee!! It’s heavy. Like ow, heavy!! Def not a laptop to carry around everywhere. lol

After that little adventure, we drove over to one of my other favorite stores, ToysRUs! And we got him the new animated Minion, Dave. LOL This little guy is hilarious, I recorded him singing the Banana song. I wish I had recorded the two of them talking, yes, it’s an interactive minion. OMG! Too funny!

Yesterday, I chilled out and read. My fibro picked yesterday to act up bad. I was in tears on and off all day, with body pain. So I did nada, but read and listen to music. Hubs was out and about, taking the old and new comps in to the Geek Squad to have the drive taken care of. And he went to help out his father with some house/yard stuff.

When he got home, it was my turn to pick the movie playlist. Whee! We watched, Superman Unbound, good animated movie. And then Movie 43, ummmm….I’m still not sure whether I liked it or not?? Parts were funny, others were just bizarro world! And then it was time to chill and meditate before heading to bed.

All in all, yesterday was kinda nice, boring to some, but nice for me. I love reading and listening to music. And I’m getting jazzed up about being able to get back into doing a hobby I love. I couldn’t done without the pain, but better yesterday when I was able to laze about and do nada.

Today is my four hour work Friday! Sweet! ๐Ÿ™‚

till later, ya’ll have an awesome and beautiful day!
I’ll see if I can upload the minion video to you tube. ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Wednesday!!


And what a beautiful morning it is!
No entry yesterday, I was busy! But I do have wonderful WoohOOOO News to share!! ๐Ÿ˜€

I received the ‘official’ email, and I am now one step closer to my Licensure!! ๐Ÿ˜€

yes, lots of exclamation points this morning, I’m all twitterpated. lol

In other news, today is an early Friday, I have tomorrow off, and then my four hour friday. I’m feeling fine at the moment. ๐Ÿ™‚ And today I work till six o’clock. So yeah, feeling FIIIINE! smirks

And in a brief app review, I finally found a great radio app for the iPhone. Tunein Radio, the streaming is awesome, no buffering! No song song song…bzzz bzzzz bzzzz… and then silence. And this app has stations from all over the US. I’m loving it. I really do prefer 70’s music, and I have over 100 stations to choose from, at the mo I’m listening to 181.FM Super 70’s. And I’m groovin over the playlist. lol ๐Ÿ˜› One of the options is the ability to fave your station, and then you can fave your songs, and you have the option to buy the song in app from iTunes! Sweet! There is an option to buy a more something or other version of the app, but for me. The free is working and I don’t have to buy a subscription to listen to my music.
For me, having an app that streams the radio for me is awesome. I can’t get a regular radio to work in my office. I can’t get the internet versions to play on my work comp, and then let’s not get started on why nothing wants to come through my speakers. OI! and yes, they are plugged in, turned on at the speaker, and the volume knob is turned up. Still nada…. IT shrugs at me. So this app is perfect for me.

Next app review post soon, I have downloaded some really fun free photo apps, and a disney game. I know! LOL

I’ve also posted two of the July calendars on the photoblog and I’ve gotten over, kinda, what ticked me off the other day, and I’m working on two more. One for my guy friends, some girlie hotness. And then one for the Joe Flanigan loves!! ๐Ÿ™‚ My bunnies and Snookums asked me very nicely. LOL At least they didn’t threaten to beat me. LOL

And now have a Beautiful Wednesday!! Enjoy the cool morning, and the bright blue skies!

Good Happy Monday!


And for some, it’s a short week. For me it’s going to be fun week. ๐Ÿ˜› I’m on night’s this week, so… 8 hrs, 10hrs, 8hrs, off!, 4 hours!! And bonus, I’ll get holiday pay on the day I’m off for ten hours! Suhweet!! ๐Ÿ˜€

This weekend, the migraine decided to kick it into overdrive, and I was miserable on Saturday night through most of Sunday! I used my own coping skills and was distracting myself by reading, finished the first Atlantis book, and started on the second. woot! My head was pounding too bad to think of doing any writing, or serious discussion with anyone. And I got so cranky that I just stayed off of FB. I’m of the mindset, if you’re intoxicated, or extremely bitchy, you shouldn’t be on Social Media. Now with that being said, I’ve read some fascinating posts from some friends that are online when they are intoxicated, and omg what they write. Someone should really take their online privileges away when they are three sheets to the wind. But that could just be me. lol

Does anyone have any plans for the fourth? BBQ’s, fireworks-please be careful if you’re doing them yourself.

I’m going to be working on finishing up July’s calendars, we’ll see if I do more than one or two. ๐Ÿ˜› And hopefully I’ll be able to do some writing this week as well.

Ya’ll have a great Monday!!

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