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Creamsicle Day
August 14, 2013 in the USA

National Creamsicle Day is observed on August 14, 2013. Creamsicles are one type of popsicle. It is made by freezing flavored liquid (such as fruit juice) and ice cream around a stick. Often, the juice is colored artificially. Once the liquid freezes solid, the stick can be used as a handle to hold the ice pop.

The first recorded ice pop was created in 1905 by 11-year-old Frank Epperson of Oakland, CA, who left a glass of soda water powder and water outside in his back porch with a wooden mixing stick in it. That night the temperature dropped below freezing, and when Epperson returned to the drink the next morning, he found that the soda water had frozen inside the glass, and that by running it under hot water, he was able to remove (and eat) the frozen soda water chunk using the stick as a handle.

In the United States and Canada frozen ice on a stick is generically referred to as a popsicle due to the early popularity of the Popsicle brand, and the word has become a genericized trademark to mean any ice pop or freezer pop, regardless of brand or format. In the USA they are also called an ice pop or freezer pop.

Where is National Creamsicle Day?
Nationwide USA

Recipe for Creamsicle Cupcakes: