And it’s my first day back to work. So far, so good, I walked into my office to a gift basket on my desk! Awesome! A new computer, and messy desk.

Gift Basket was from my co-workers, and full of yummy sugar free goodies. Along with some cute Hello Kitty stuff. And a new water mug! I’d say coffee mug, but I’m switching to more water in my new modified eating program. Although on the way into work, Hubs drove me, as 1-my car was at work, and 2-he’s still worried about my driving. Anwho he stopped by Starbuck’s and I got a grande Pumpkin spiced Chai Latte, mmmm that’s yummy! Along with a pumpkin bread slice. Yes, I love pumpkin! (^.^)

Hubs is worried sick, and while it’s sweet, it’s also making me nervous. I’ll be fine. So it (sugar) still goes up and down. But I’ve learned how to feel to know if I need to stick or not to stick. I’ve taken all my meds, and I ate my breakfast. My sugar was fine. And other then the nervous butterflies in my tummy, I’m fine. I got this! But yeah…I’m a little nervous too, like when I was a kid and at a new school, especially during the school year. I did fine then, I’ll do fine now. And still no smoking!! I won’t lie the cravings are driving me batty. But I’m sticking to the no smoking!!

And all those people that said that they wouldn’t miss me, awww! They did! LOL 😛

Have a lovely Monday!!