You and your spouse share the same medical issues.

and yeah, that and the title is sarcastic. But hey, that is one of my favorite defense mechanisms.

So anywho, and since this is longer than a ‘status’ update on FB, hopefully some ppl there read it here. 😀

Yesterday I was getting some funky text messages from Hubs. Kinda like mine when I was having my issue…. so yeah, I called him and he was freaking out!! Badly!! He was hyperventilating and I was using all my therapist skills to try to calm him down, breathe with me. And then there was silence, I was about ten minutes out to his location. I left work, and I think my boss understood me. This morning he was like, yeah, I knew what you meant. So anywho, the phone disconnected and then a good Samaritan clicked on the ICE Contact. Ya’ll know what ICE is right?? In Case of Emergency number. So they called me, he had passed out, and they were staying with him until I could arrive. They and I were debating an ambulance until he woke up and he was oriented to his surroundings. I arrived and with their assistance got him in my car. I gave him two choices; the ER in the town here or the one in Muncie that knows his medical history.

Any who he wasn’t happy about it, but I thoroughly convinced him he had two choices, I could drive him or an ambulance would. yeah, I don’t play. LOL :p
After the ER did what the ER does, and he wasn’t admitted, he was given a slip to stay off work till Monday, and rest. He has a flu/virus thingie, and yeah, get this his blood sugar was out of whack too. hmm?? Anywho he’s home safe and sound today, and when I texted him – gotta love technology- he was doing fine. In fact, he mentioned doing some picking up of things. I told him to get his butt back in bed and rest! Yeah, I’m mean! lol 😛

So…OI! If it’s not me having the fun emergency issues, seems it’s him. Do ya’ll know what I want for Yule? A quiet and boring month! Yeah! So now he is willing to learn some meditation with me to control some of his emotions that caused the hyperventilation issue. Panic/anxiety attacks are NO FUN!! People I see, think I don’t get it. I do! I’ve suffered them on and off all my life. The secret is meditation, and some other coping skills. Want to learn them? I can’t stress enough, so please-see a therapist. We’re not just for people suffering this or that, we can help! Meds are fine… but, therapy is more effective. What happens when you don’t have your pills? You still have the ability to meditate or use the skills that you’ve learned.

and yeah, okay, off the soap box now. Sorry, I just really really believe in the ability of a good therapist to help people. And sometimes that’s ME! LOL 😀

I hope ya’ll are having a nice and quiet week so far! It’s Tuesday! New Release Day! Movies, books, and sometimes those video game thingies. lol yeah, I’m not into some of the new games out there. But I am into movies and Books!! I had preordered the next book in a series I’m reading and it downloaded into my iTunes book library one minute after midnight last night! Woot!! 😀
We downloaded Pacific Rim the other day and whooooa that is a good movie. Well, I liked it! 😛 to critics. And hubs picked up the new GI Joe movie for me the other day, okay…I didn’t like all of it. It was a good story, but really…if you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it for you! But arrrgh! lol And that’s it on that movie. So what else is out today?? Leave me a comment. Let’s chat.

Have a great day! Hugs