We’ve got 21 days till Halloweenie! YAY! bratz-cheerleader

And I’ve had a lot of issues that have been bugging me lately and normally I vent here. Well…while that is a healthy outlet, it’s also not the best thing for me to do, it allows me to continue focusing on that issue(s) and making it more than it really is. And words are powerful. Why use them to hurt, when I can focus on the positive and hopefully use them to heal. Yeah, it’s Thursday morning and I’m feeling philosophical. Oi what was in that creamer? LOL 😀

So anywho…I do work tomorrow. I’ve been doing a weird shift this week, and then tomorrow I’m doing a full eight on the day shift. It is what it is. Watch out work people, I’m gonna be here all day (well my shift)!! eeeee heee heeee!

My lovely beta aka my co-writer has proof read my Halloween story, and I should have it posted soonish… I’m still deciding wait till Halloween to post or put it up sooner. Thoughts?
It’s a story from when Bri was a cadet…yeah, young Briana. LOL Rating will still be an R for violence, squickiness and language. What? She likes to swear too! I swear! LMAO!

I’ve also come up with a brilliant idea (well imo it is), I have a lot of creative friends and so I’d like to use their creativity in my November calendar. It is the month of being Thankful and I’m thankful for my friends. So far, I’ve only had one person email me some art.
Now- I’d like to keep it Stargate oriented, but I’m thinking that might be limiting people, so what do you have for me, email it to me. As it has a better resolution when emailed. Thank you!! Hugs!

Have an Awesome Thursday!! Let’s Do This!!!

ps- why yes, I used to be a cheerleader! Once, always!! WOOOHOOOO!!!