Intersex Awareness Day
October 26, 2013 in the World

Intersex Awareness Day is observed on October 26, 2013. Intersex Awareness Day (also spelled as Inter Sex Awareness Day or abbreviated as IAD) is an internationally observed civil awareness day designed to highlight the challenges faced by intersex individuals. IAD is an international day of grass-roots action to end shame, secrecy and unwanted genital cosmetic surgeries on intersex children.

On October 26, 1996, intersex activists from Intersex Society of North America and allies from Transexual Menace held the first public intersex demonstration in Boston, where American Academy of Pediatrics was holding its annual conference. Intersex is a variation in sex characteristics including chromosomes, gonads, and/or genitals that do not allow an individual to be distinctly identified as male or female.

Intersex infants with ambiguous outer genitalia may be surgically ‘corrected’ to more easily fit into a socially accepted sex category. Others may opt, in adulthood, for surgical procedures in order to align their physical sex characteristics with their gender identity or the sex category to which they were assigned at birth. Others will not become aware that they are intersex – unless they receive genetic testing – because it does not manifest in their phenotype.

Where is Intersex Awareness Day?

Make a Difference Day
October 26, 2013 in the World

Make a Difference Day is celebrated on October 26, 2013. It is celebrated each year on the fourth Saturday in October. Make a Difference Day is the largest national day of community service and is a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors. The event was created by the USA WEEKEND magazine in 1992.

Community service is a donated service or activity that is performed by someone or a group of people for the benefit of the public or its institutions. Performing community service is not the same as volunteering, since it is not always done voluntarily.

Where is Make a Difference Day?

Angam Day 2013
October 26, 2013 in Republic of Nauru

Angam Day is celebrated on October 26, 2013. Angam Day is a holiday recognized in the Republic of Nauru. Angam Day is a day of celebration and a time of reflection for the Nauruan people. Twice in its history, the Nauruan population fell below 1,500, and the Nauruan ethnic group have been considered in danger of extinction. On both occasions the Nauruan population recovered. Upon eclipsing a population of 1,500, a number considered to be the minimum required for the survival of a race, Angam Day was declared. The first Angam was in 1932 and the second occasion in 1949.

Where is Angam Day?
Nationwide Republic of Nauru

Hot Mincemeat Pie & Ice Cream… Yummy!
Mincemeat Day
October 26, 2013 in the USA

National Mincemeat Day takes place on October 26, 2013. Mincemeat is a mixture of chopped dried fruit, distilled spirits and spices, and sometimes beef suet, beef, or venison. Originally, mincemeat always contained meat.

Many modern recipes contain beef suet, though vegetable shortening is sometimes used in its place. Variants of mincemeat are found in Australia, Brittany, Canada, northern Europe, Ireland, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. In some countries the term mincemeat refers to minced or ground meat.

Mincemeat is frequently consumed during the Christmas holiday season when mince pies or mincemeat tarts are served. In the northeast United States, mincemeat pies are also a traditional part of the Thanksgiving holiday, sometimes served with a piece of Cheddar cheese.

Where is National Mincemeat Day?
Nationwide USA

Historical Events:

1492 – Lead pencils 1st used

1662 – Charles II of England sold Dunkirk to France

1749 – Georgia Colony reverses itself & rules slavery is legal

1774 – Minute Men organized in colonies

1825 – Erie Canal between Hudson River & Lake Erie opened

1863 – Worldwide Red Cross organized in Geneva

1881 – Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday & Clanton involved in gunfight at OK Corral, in Tombstone, Az

1901 – 1st use of “getaway car” occurs after holding up a shop in Paris

1919 – President Wilson’s veto of Prohibition Enforcement Bill is overridden

1947 – The British Military Occupation ends in Iraq.

1950 – Mother Teresa founds Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India

1954 – Chevrolet unveils V-8 engine

1962 – JFK warns Russia US will not allow Soviet missiles to remain in Cuba

1970 – “Doonesbury” comic strip debuts in 28 newspapers

1972 – Henry Kissinger declares “Peace is at hand” in Vietnam

1973 – President Nixon released 1st White House tapes on Watergate scandal