Ohi Day 2013
October 28, 2013 in Greece and Cyprus

Ohi Day is observed on October 28, 2013. Ohi Day (also spelled Ochi Day) is celebrated throughout Greece, Cyprus and the Greek communities around the world each year, to commemorate the rejection by Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas (in power from August 4, 1936, until January 29, 1941) of the ultimatum made by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on October 28, 1940. This ultimatum, which was presented to Metaxas by the Italian ambassador in Greece, Emanuele Grazzi, on October 28, 1940, after a party in the German embassy in Athens, demanded that Greece allow Axis forces to enter Greek territory and occupy certain unspecified “strategic locations” or otherwise face war. It was allegedly answered with a single laconic word: No! However, his actual reply was: Then it is war. In response to Metaxas’s refusal, Italian troops stationed in Albania, then an Italian protectorate, attacked the Greek border – the beginning of Greece’s participation in World War II. On the morning of October 28 the Greek population took to the streets, irrespective of political affiliation, shouting ‘ochi’. From 1942, it was celebrated as Ohi Day

Where is Ohi Day?
Nationwide Greece and Cyprus

October Holiday
October 28, 2013 in Ireland

October Holiday takes place on October 28, 2013. In Ireland, the October Holiday (sometimes called the October Bank Holiday) is observed on the last Monday of October. Usually, but not always, this is the day after the end of Western European Summer Time. It was introduced in 1977.

Where is October Holiday?
Nationwide Ireland

Plush Animal Lover’s Day
October 28, 2013 in the World

Plush Animal Lovers Day is a day of celebration that is held every year to show your favourite stuffed toy some extra special love and appreciation.

The original origins of the day’s creation are vague but there is an unconfirmed Urban Legend that the day first came about after a collectibles dealer named Royal Selangor came up with the idea of a Teddy Bears Picnic Day in the late eighties. Other stuffed toys became jealous that Teddy Bears were being singled out for their own celebration and demanded a special day all of their own! Not long after, Plush Animal Lovers Day quickly replaced Teddy Bears Picnic Day in popularity!

Plush Animals Day is a great opportunity for you to share your love of your favourite toy with the rest of the world. Try taking them to your Office, school or work-place or by giving your toy an extra special tea party all of their own. Take this day to show your favourite toy just how much they have been loved in all the time you’ve been together and remember – a stuffed toy is for life, not just for Christmas!

Where is Plush Animal Lover’s Day?

Historical Events:

1492 – Christopher Columbus discovers Cuba & claims it for Spain

1538 – The first university in the New World, the Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino, is established.

1636 – Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts) founded

1793 – Eli Whitney applies for a patent on cotton gin

1858 – Macy’s Dept store opens in NYC

1886 – Statue of Liberty dedicated by Pres Grover Cleveland, it is celebrated by 1st confetti (ticker tape) parade in NYC

1904 – St Louis police try a new investigation method-fingerprints

1922 – Benito Mussolini takes control of Italy’s government

1940 – Meeting between Hitler & Benito Mussolini in Florence

1948 – Flag of Israel is adopted

1962 – Khrushchev orders withdrawal of missiles from Cuba, ending crisis

1962 – Cuban missile crisis ends after JFK and Khrushchev make a public and secret agreement