Some days my brain makes way to many promises for my body to keep up with. I have two chronic conditions now; fibromyalgia & diabetes. Let me say, whoa. One tends to feed the other one. My sugar drops, my body feels worse. Or my fibro flares which causes stress, which then causes me blood sugar issues.
Today is one of those days. I was on top of my game mentally, and then a flare spiked. They just happen, I can’t control them. Which started me stressing out, and worrying about finishing a project, my calendar, which I do every month. I had it close to completion just the other day, when a friend hit the wrong button. Yep, I was frustrated, but not the end of the world.
So today, started off strong, yet I had a bunch of physical errands to accomplish, which yay! I did.
But boo! I’m done, I can hardly move and my sugars dropped. ~sighs~
I hope my friends understand? I know the majority will. And those that also have chronic issues.
So…. I’m calling it a night and getting up and finishing the calendar, before my optometry appointment.