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The Writer is In!

It’s the season of the writer… which doesn’t sound as cool as it’s the season of the Witch. But you get the gist! lol

Yep, I’m writing in both NaNoWriMo, and NaBloPoMo! Sweet! cause obviously I either 1) love to write, 2) love to have more than one project at a time, or 3)I’m quite mental! LOL

And yep, I’m thinking a few people will go for #3. 😀

So what to write about;

I know!! Let’s write about our cute little fuzzy plot bunnies. Wha? I think that’s a brilliant topic for today. Honestly, I’ve had three to four outlines started for my NaNoWriMo, and yes, I can ‘see’ mentally my cute widdle fuzzy bunnies. If you are a fic writer, you totally understand this, and I’m not crazy! (Okay, you! Yeah YOU! Shush!) So I’ve three or four bunnies hopping around in my head, when last night, yes; I’m getting a late start to NANOWRIMO. I had to get this sorted! Anywho, the bunnies had a death match of sorts- okay, honestly-they aren’t real bunnies. No Real Fuzzy Bunnies were hurt in this death match. Okay? Thank you!

But there was some growling, and some claws were unsheathed, they are my plot bunnies, and yes… one has mutated. Any who… the others submitted and bowed down to the growly, claw wielding bunny and thus the story can now be told. I’ve had an email that wants me to write the adventures of my plot bunnies. I think that would be brilliant, but I need to engage the services of an artist to help me illustrate that! And that might be my nanowritmo for next year! Thank you!! Hugs! Bunny smooches from the fuzzy ones. >(^.^)< bunny emote

so now, it’s time to go write; actually I need to go reply to a few email’s, and then I can write.

Peace and punctuation!!
LOL Hugs!

Calendar Day; 3 November, 2013



Daylight Saving Time ends
November 3, 2013 in the USA

Most of the US, Canada and Mexico’s northern border cities will end Daylight Saving Time (DST) at 2am (02:00) local time on November 03, 2013. The clocks will “fall back” an hour to standard time, meaning brighter mornings but darker evenings for most Americans. The rest of Mexico and the most of Europe will end DST one week earlier. Most of North America shifts at 02:00 local time, so its zones do not shift at the same time; for example, Mountain Time can be temporarily either zero or two hours ahead of Pacific Time.

Daylight saving time – also summer time in several countries – is the practice of advancing clocks so that evenings have more daylight and mornings have less. Typically clocks are adjusted forward one hour near the start of spring and are adjusted backward in autumn. The modern idea of daylight saving was first implemented during the First World War. Many countries have used it at various times since then.

The practice has been both praised and criticized. Adding daylight to evenings benefits retailing, sports, and other activities that exploit sunlight after working hours, but can cause problems for evening entertainment and other occupations tied to the sun. Although an early goal of DST was to reduce evening usage of incandescent lighting, formerly a primary use of electricity, modern heating and cooling usage patterns differ greatly, and research about how Daylight Saving Time currently affects energy use is limited or contradictory.

DST clock shifts present other challenges. They complicate timekeeping, and can disrupt meetings, travel, billing, recordkeeping, medical devices, heavy equipment, and sleep patterns. Software can often adjust computer clocks automatically, but this can be limited and error-prone, particularly when Daylight Saving Time protocols are changed.

Starting in 2007, most of the United States and Canada observe DST from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November, almost two-thirds of the year. The 2007 US change was part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005; previously, from 1987 through 2006, the start and end dates were the first Sunday in April and the last Sunday in October, and Congress retains the right to go back to the previous dates now that an energy-consumption study has been done.

***Some areas of Canada not using Daylight Saving Time include, Fort St. John, Charlie Lake, Taylor and Dawson Creek in British Columbia, Creston in the East Kootenays, and most of Saskatchewan (except Denare Beach and Creighton).

Where is Daylight Saving Time ends?

Housewife’s Day
November 3, 2013 in the World

Housewife Day recognizes the importance of stay at home wives and moms. Also referred to as “Retro” Housewife Day. These wonderful, caring creatures, build and enrich strong family environments. They help to instill family values and good character.

Housewife is an old term. It hails back to the days when one income could support the family in a manner of comfort. It was also a time when women did not have equal rights. While these days are long gone, women views of working or staying at home, fall on both sides of the fence. The decision to be a “housewife”, or stay at home mom, is still preferred by many. Unfortunately, income needs often necessitate going to work.

Where is Housewife’s Day?

Culture Day 2013
November 3, 2013 in Japan

Culture Day takes place on November 03, 2013. Culture Dayis a national holiday held annually in Japan for the purpose of promoting culture, the arts, and academic endeavour. Festivities typically include art exhibitions, parades, and award ceremonies for distinguished artists and scholars. As Culture Day exists to promote the arts and various fields of academic endeavor, local and prefectural governments typically choose this day to hold art exhibits, culture festivals, and parades. For example, Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture holds the annual Feudal Lord’s Parade to exhibit Edo Period clothing and costumes. It is common for universities to present new research and projects on Culture Day. Primary and secondary schools often have a “culture festival” on or near this day. Since 1936, the award ceremony for the prestigious Order of Culture has been held on this day. Culture Day is statistically one of the clearest days of the year. Between 1965 and 1996, there have only been three years with rain occurring in Tokyo on Culture Day.

Where is Culture Day?
Nationwide Japan

Sandwich Day 2013
November 3, 2013 in the World

We invite you to bite into your favorite sandwich, for today is Sandwich Day. The sandwich is truly a great creation. Sandwiches are a daily luncheon staple for millions of Americans.

The Creation of the Sandwich:

The annals of English history report that John Montagu was the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Among other things, the 4th Earl of Sandwich was a heavy gambler. Montagu often spent many long hours in London’s gambling parlors. In 1762, he created the sandwich, by putting meat between two pieces of bread. This allowed him to remain at the gambling table for long periods of time. Obviously, the sandwich was named after him

Celebrate this special day by eating sandwiches at every meal! Consume your favorite sandwich. Better yet, be bold and daring….. try a new sandwich!

Where is Sandwich Day?

Natural events:

November New Moon
November 3, 2013 in EST Eastern Standard Time

On November 03, 2013 the moon reaches its minimum brightness. Therefore it is called new moon. In astronomical terminology, the phrase new moon is the lunar phase that occurs when the Moon, in its monthly orbital motion around Earth, lies between Earth and the Sun, and is therefore in conjunction with the Sun as seen from Earth. At this time, the dark (unilluminated) portion of the Moon faces almost directly toward Earth, so that the Moon is not visible to the naked eye.

The original meaning of the phrase new moon was the first visible crescent of the Moon, after conjunction with the Sun. This takes place over the western horizon in a brief period between sunset and moonset, and therefore the precise time and even the date of the appearance of the new moon by this definition will be influenced by the geographical location of the observer. The astronomical new moon, sometimes known as the dark moon to avoid confusion, occurs by definition at the moment of conjunction in ecliptic longitude with the Sun, when the Moon is invisible from the Earth. This moment is unique and does not depend on location, and under certain circumstances it is coincident with a solar eclipse.

Where is November New Moon?
EST Eastern Standard Time / UTC-05

Historical Events:

644 – Umar ibn al-Khattab, the second Muslim caliph, is killed by a Persian slave in Medina.

1493 – Christopher Columbus discovers island of Dominica

1620 – Great Patent granted to Plymouth Colony

1679 – Great panic occurs in Europe over close approach of a comet

1783 – Washington orders Continental Army disbanded

1783 – John Austin, a highwayman, is the last to be publicly hanged at London’s Tyburn gallows.

1839 – 1st opium war – 2 British frigates engage several Chinese junks

1868 – 1st black Congressman elected (John W Menard, Louisiana)

1896 – Martha Hughes Cannon of Utah elected 1st female senator

1911 – Chevrolet officially enters the automobile market in competition with the Ford Model T.

1913 – The USA introduces an income tax.

1956 – “Wizard of Oz” 1st televised (CBS-TV)

1970 – Pres Nixon promises gradual troop removal of Vietnam

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