The Writer is In!

It’s the season of the writer… which doesn’t sound as cool as it’s the season of the Witch. But you get the gist! lol

Yep, I’m writing in both NaNoWriMo, and NaBloPoMo! Sweet! cause obviously I either 1) love to write, 2) love to have more than one project at a time, or 3)I’m quite mental! LOL

And yep, I’m thinking a few people will go for #3. 😀

So what to write about;

I know!! Let’s write about our cute little fuzzy plot bunnies. Wha? I think that’s a brilliant topic for today. Honestly, I’ve had three to four outlines started for my NaNoWriMo, and yes, I can ‘see’ mentally my cute widdle fuzzy bunnies. If you are a fic writer, you totally understand this, and I’m not crazy! (Okay, you! Yeah YOU! Shush!) So I’ve three or four bunnies hopping around in my head, when last night, yes; I’m getting a late start to NANOWRIMO. I had to get this sorted! Anywho, the bunnies had a death match of sorts- okay, honestly-they aren’t real bunnies. No Real Fuzzy Bunnies were hurt in this death match. Okay? Thank you!

But there was some growling, and some claws were unsheathed, they are my plot bunnies, and yes… one has mutated. Any who… the others submitted and bowed down to the growly, claw wielding bunny and thus the story can now be told. I’ve had an email that wants me to write the adventures of my plot bunnies. I think that would be brilliant, but I need to engage the services of an artist to help me illustrate that! And that might be my nanowritmo for next year! Thank you!! Hugs! Bunny smooches from the fuzzy ones. >(^.^)< bunny emote

so now, it’s time to go write; actually I need to go reply to a few email’s, and then I can write.

Peace and punctuation!!
LOL Hugs!