This is more for me, to keep track of when I’m most productive in my writing.
so you can skip this if you want… 😀 and yes, the times are in the military format. That’s just how I do it. 😀

15:20 1170 words

16:30 6673 words

a difference of 5503 within an hour! AWESOME!

Finally got around to taking what I had dictated and handwritten and typed it up, I wasn’t to happy with the word count. And then…after I had some food at lunch, the muse started whispering again. And we’re off again. 😀

I’m curious, are there other NANO writers that don’t have ‘full blocks’ of time to write? I write when I’m able to write. And if I can’t get to the comp, I use one of my voice apps and then email that to myself to correct and type in. Or I listen to the recorded voice and type it in that way. I can type as someone is speaking to me. good to have this skill!! 😀

Peace & Punctuation