As I sit here typing this, I can feel my eye swelling up. Yes, it’s those lovely sinus allergies at fault. And I swear this is Karma! From when I was a child giggling at my mom’s discomfort when her allergies made her eyes swell up.

This is getting to be painful, I can’t rub my eye, it would make it worse. So I let it keep watering, looking like I’m crying, and even that is hurting now.

I need to place a call to my doc tomorrow and ensure that the sinus meds I’m prescribed will not affect me adversely with all the other new meds I’ve been prescribed. I still have 21 days until my follow up appt from the heart attack, at the VA. OI!

I’m so ready to call it a day at the mo. Co-workers are telling me I look fine, but you know how you see yourself in a mirror and exponentially everything looks worse. That’s how I’m feeling right now.

so let’s practice those distress tolerance skills, and get back to some more writing. I had a lil freak out moment earlier. There are two places on the site that you can input for a count. One is numerical, and the other is copy/paste insert and the site verifies your word count. I prefer the second option. But I had inserted the words into the numerical box and it cleared out my whole stats. I was truly freaking out. And then… I stepped away. Refreshed the site, and oh yeah, there is that box. OI!

so back to writing now. type type type…. the muse is whispering gently in my ear.

Peace & Punctuation Punkins!