So with the being ill, having fibro flare ups, staying busy at work, and all the drama in RL; car died, other health issues, etal.

I’m surprised I’m where I’m at on my writing. I have to write 5020 words a day for the next seven days to make it. If I’m going for the word count. Or I could forgo that, and simply keep writing cause I want to finish my story. What’s the guess on what I’ll do??? 😀

Anywho this has been interesting, but the stress of writing on demand-that hasn’t been good for me physically. And I’m wondering if it’s the word count or not? I am competitive by nature, but this… this feels different. And I don’t know, maybe other writers will understand where I”m coming from. I just don’t seem to like the pressure of writing for a ‘count.’ I mean, I could churn out the numbers, but the story would be crap. And then I’d be re-writing it for months. Hey, maybe that’s what you’re supposed to do with this, churn out crap and then take the other eleven months to re-work it into something usable… or maybe I’m just really tired mentally and physically- I’m having a flare up from Hades! The pain scale has been slowly moving from a manageable six to an OMG I need to go lie down NOW 10+!!

so… perhaps tomorrow, I open the document up and just keep chugging away and writing my story the way I want.
Ya’ll have a great rest of the night. Me, I’m going to go do some art. And just chillax for the rest of the night.