To my Siblings in arms

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What is the quickest way to get my blood to boil???

Be derogatory to our troops!

Okay, I understand, not everyone has the wherewithal to join the military, got that.
Not everyone can join the military, got that.


So you think it’s funny, really? Go on then, stand in front of them. Let me know how funny that is?

If you listen to propaganda then you’re an idiot! Plain and simple. Get a clue! Stop watching Fox news and do your own research!

Yes, I heard something this morning that has really really REALLY! ticked me off!
Someone had the nerve to say that if they are stupid enough to join, then they deserve to die! O M F G! (get the fuck out of my face)

These troops won’t be home for the holidays, and this is the respect that they get? Really? You’re a moron!

I’m a third Generation Soldier! I’m proud of that, I’m proud I had what it took to be all I could be! (yeah yeah) But seriously. Please think before you speak!


okay, calming down… thank goodness for my blog! lol 😛

ps- Go tell that to a Veteran’s mother. Yeah, that should go over really well.

Calendar day; 26 November, 2013

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Shopping Reminder Day
November 26, 2013 in the World

Besides Black Friday, which is a day after Thanksgiving, there is also another Shopping Reminder Day on November 26th that really activates our shopaholic addictions.

You’ve less than a month until Christmas, so it’s time to make sure that you’ve bought all of your gifts! If you’ve still got presents to buy, Shopping Reminder Day is a stark reminder that you’re running out of time!

Where is Shopping Reminder Day?

Historical Events:

43 BC – The Second Triumvirate alliance of Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (“Octavian”, later “Caesar Augustus”), Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, and Mark Antony is formed.

1476 – Vlad III Dracula defeats Basarab Laiota with the help of Stephen the Great and Stephen V Bathory and becomes the ruler of Wallachia for the third time.

1778 – Captain Cook discovers Maui in the Sandwich Islands (now Hawaii)

1789 – 1st national Thanksgiving in USA

1865 – “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll published in USA

1885 – 1st meteor photograph

1922 – English archaeologist Howard Carter opens Toetanchamon’s (Tut) tomb

1950 – China enters Korean conflict, sends troops across Yalu River

1952 – 1st modern 3-D movie “Bwana Devil” premieres in Hollywood

1956 – “The Price Is Right” debuts on NBC

1975 – Fed jury finds Lynette Fromme guilty of attempted assassination

1978 – 1st lesbian theme TV movie – “Question of Love”

1990 – Mikhail Gorbachev tells Iraq to get out of Kuwait

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