So on Tuesday, over halfway to my doctor’s appt, and called them to let them know I might be running a titch late, and they tell me that it was cancelled, and that I’m being rescheduled. oi okay… so I turn around, and get back to Muncie- had to go to the clinic and do my lab work there. Lil vampires needed my blood, and I wasn’t going to keep driving all the way into downtown Indy and deal with the wacky traffic.

Anywho got my labs done, and went to go take care of some other stuff while in Muncie. And I fell. Bad! Landed right on my bad knee-natch! And OW!

so I completed my errands as quickly as possible, and even managed to get my hair cut. I think I fell after that… can’t remember.

anywho by the time I got home my knee was really swollen bad. So I elevated it and started icing it down… yeah didn’t work to well. By the time hubs came home, he had to cut off my pants it had swollen that much, it kinda looked like a swollen grapefruit.

And then I had yesterday off to keep it elevated and immobilized. Which actually helped a lot, it’s down to semi-normal size, and I’m really relying on my cane this morning. I didn’t want to use my crutches. They hurt after a bit-anyone that’s ever used them, knows what I mean.

So yeah, at work, really early – and I’m sitting here doing this entry and then watching my movie again. I still have two hours till I’m officially on the clock.

be careful, it’s slick out there!

and now for some humor thanks to my friend, Skeen!!