So I learned something about my bank card today; it’s only meant to be used within the state of Indiana, weird. I was shopping on amazon, found some stuff for a much better price then what’s offered in brick & mortar stores. So I went to order them, and that’s when I got a surprise… order declined. WTH? So I called my bank this morning and that’s when I found out the restriction. It’s been fixed, and I’ve placed my orders, however only one will now make it here before christmas, and that one… I really needed it asap! Oh well, at least I got it. That’s what counts. Now if only I could explain that to a few ppl. I dislike a lot about this season, the constant bitching, the getting upset over trivial stuff, and the anger from people who are normally not quick to anger. Yeah! I do like the spirit of goodwill, when it’s given to everyone, and not just a ‘select’ few. I love the holiday lights, the individualism in people’s decorations, their trees. But the other stuff right now is very frustrating. It’s a day. Honestly! We have 364 unbirthdays, so let’s be able to give a present after the holiday. Please…patience. OI!
Anywho, the bottom line is my holiday spirit is now lacking due to people that are getting angry over stuff that is trivial.

Take some time, breathe, step back and think about what you’re getting upset over. Is it really worth it? Not really. I’m going to go read now. Think Charles Dickens sounds good about now. 🙂 Ya’ll be safe, it’s raining right now in my area, but that’s before the winter storm that’s coming. Take time and hug those you love!!