things don’t go as planned, but oops!

Sometimes, they turn out better! 🙂

I’m not the best to just go with the flow type of person, but I have learned to become less rigid and go with the flow, and woot! Sometimes that pays off in other ways. Not always what one can quantify, but in other ways. I don’t know, its a little difficult to explain in words. I’m just having a good moment, and it’s all because I’m going with the flow.

Anywho, I’m on call and at work. I had planned on having the car today after dropping hubs off at work, that didn’t happen. But I have placed an order for dinner from Jimmy John’s, and omg- they have delivered as I am typing this. I really thought the commercial was joking. But dudes that was kinda freaky fast. LOL 😀

So now to watch my dvd’s and play around with January’s calendar.