New Year’s Day
January 1, 2014 in the World

New Year’s Day is the first day of the year. On the modern Gregorian calendar, it is celebrated on January 1, as it was also in ancient Rome (though other dates were also used in Rome). In all countries using the Gregorian calendar as their main calendar with the exception of Israel, it is a public holiday, often celebrated with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the new year starts. January 1 on the Julian calendar corresponds to January 14 on the Gregorian calendar, and it is on that date that followers of some of the Eastern Orthodox churches celebrate the New Year. In Western Christianity New Year’s Day, January 1, is the eighth day of Christmas.

January 1 marks the end of a period of remembrance of a particular passing year, especially on radio, television and in newspapers, which usually starts right after thanksgiving. Publications often have year-end articles that review the changes during the previous year. Common topics include politics, natural disasters, music and the arts and the listing of significant individuals who died during the past year. Often there are also articles on planned or expected changes in the coming year, such as the description of new laws that often take effect on January 1.

This day is traditionally a religious feast, but since the 1900s has become an occasion to celebrate the night of December 31, called New Year’s Eve. There are often fireworks at midnight. Some countries, Germany for example, permit individuals to burn fireworks, even if it’s usually outlawed the rest of the year. It is also customary to make New Year’s resolutions, which individuals hope to fulfil in the coming year. The most popular resolutions in the Western world include to quit tobacco smoking, stop excessive drinking of alcohol, lose weight, get physically fit, and save money.

Where is New Year’s Day?

Japanese New Year
January 1, 2014 in Japan

Japanese New Year takes place on January 01, 2014. The Japanese New Year is an annual festival with its own customs. The preceding days are quite busy, particularly the day before, known as Omisoka. Since 1873, the Japanese New Year has been celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar, on January 1 of each year, New Year’s Day. However, the original celebration of the Japanese New Year is still marked, in Okinawa for instance, on the same day as the contemporary Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese New Years. Japanese people eat a special selection of dishes during the New Year celebration called osechi-ryori, typically shortened to osechi. This consists of boiled seaweed, fish cakes, mashed sweet potato with chestnut, simmered burdock root, and sweetened black soybeans. Another custom is creating rice cakes. Boiled sticky rice is put into a wooden shallow bucket-like container and patted with water by one person while another person hits it with a large wooden mallet. Mashing the rice, it forms a sticky white dumpling. This is made before New Year’s Day and eaten during the beginning of January.

Where is Japanese New Year?
Nationwide Japan

Jump-up Day 2014
January 1, 2014 in Montserrat

Jump-up Day is observed on January 01, 2014. Jump-up Day is a holiday celebrated in Montserrat. It commemorates the emancipation of the slaves of Montserrat, and is the last day of Carnival on the island. Jump-up Day incorporates steelbands and masquerades, as well as male dancers chosen for their large size, who dance encumbered by chains to represent slavery.

Where is Jump-up Day?
Nationwide Montserrat

Triumph of the Revolution
January 1, 2014 in Cuba

Triumph of the Revolution is celebrated on January 01, 2014. Triumph of the Revolution (Triunfo de la Revolución) is a celebration in Cuba of the anniversary of the victory of the revolution led by Fidel Castro in 1959 which established the present government in Cuba. It is celebrated on January 1st every year.

Where is Triumph of the Revolution?
Nationwide Cuba

Public Domain Day
January 1, 2014 in the World

Public Domain Day is celebrated on January 01, 2014. Public Domain Day is an observance of when copyrights expire and works enter into the public domain. This legal transition of copyright works into the public domain usually happens every year on 1 January based on the individual copyright laws of each country.

Where is Public Domain Day?

Bloody Mary Day
January 1, 2014 in the World

Bloody Mary Day is celebrated on January 01, 2014. A Bloody Mary is a popular cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice, and usually other spices or flavorings such as Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, piri piri sauce, beef consommé or bouillon, horseradish, celery, olive, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and celery salt. It has been called “the world’s most complex cocktail.

In the United States, the Bloody Mary is a common “Hair of the dog” drink, erroneously reputed to cure hangovers; however, the alcohol only numbs the discomfort.Its reputation as a restorative beverage contributes to the popularity of the Bloody Mary in the morning and early afternoon, especially with brunch.

The name “Bloody Mary” is associated with a number of historical figures — particularly Queen Mary I of England, who was nicknamed as such in Foxe’s Book of Martyrs for attempting to re-establish the Catholic Church in Britain — and fictional women from folklore. Some drink aficionados believe the inspiration for the name was Hollywood star Mary Pickford.

Where is Bloody Mary Day?

Historical Events:

45 BC – The Julian calendar takes effect for the first time.

1 – Origin of Christian Era

404 – Last gladiator competition in Rome

630 – The Prophet Muhammad sets out toward Mecca with the army that captures it bloodlessly.

1610 – German astronomer Simon Marius 1st discovers the Jupiter moons, but does not officially report it, Galileo does on July 1 1610

1772 – First traveler’s cheques go on sale in London, can be used in 90 European cities

1801 – The Irish Parliament votes to join the Kingdom of Great Britain, forming the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

1801 – The dwarf planet Ceres is discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi.

1776 – Gen George Washington hoists Continental Union Flag

1808 – Congress prohibits importation of slaves

1831 – William Lloyd Garrison publishes 1st issue of abolitionist journal

1847 – Michigan is 1st state to abolish capital punishment

1858 – Canada begins using decimal currency system

1862 – 1st US income tax (3% of incomes > $600, 5% of incomes > $10,000)

1873 – Origin of Japanese Era

1880 – Building of Panama Canal, begins

1896 – Wilhelm Röntgen announces his discovery of x-rays

1908 – 1st time, ball signifying new year dropped at Times Square

1912 – The Republic of China is established.

1934 – Alcatraz officially becomes a federal prison

1946 – Emperor Hirohito of Japan announces he is not a god

1948 – General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade effective

1950 – Ho Chi Minh begins offensive against French troops in Indo China

1958 – Treaties establish European Economic Community (Common Market)

1961 – Largest check issued, Natl Bank of Chicago to Sears ($960.242 billion)

1974 – World Population Year begins

1979 – International Year of the Child begins

1985 – The Internet’s Domain Name System is created.

1994 – North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) goes into effect

1996 – After 27 years, Betty Rubble debuts as a Flintstone vitamin