Humiliation Day
January 3, 2014 in the World

Humiliation Day is not a day to humiliate someone. Rather, it should be viewed as a time to recognize the negativity of humiliating someone, or a group of people.

Perhaps too many people associate humbleness with humility. So, they think today is a day to be humble. Being humble is good virtue. Humiliation is a negative impression placed upon someone….which is not so good.

Let’s all use this special day, to remind us to avoid humiliating anyone for any reason.

Our research did not discover the originator for Humiliation Day on January 3rd.

We did discover a Canadian Humiliation Day on July 1st. This was created in 1923 by Chinese Canadian immigrants in Canada to draw attention to the Canadian governments’ ban on immigration of Chinese to the country.
Chinese Immigration Act, 1923,_1923

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Festival of Sleep Day
January 3, 2014 in the World

No, you are not dreaming. But, perhaps you should be. Festival of Sleep Day is today. It is an opportunity to sleep in, snooze, doze, nap, and catch 40 winks.

We feel this is the perfect date for Festival of Sleep Day. The holidays are over…Wow, weren’t they exhausting! It’s cold and snowy…. time to hibernate. And, why not re-charge the batteries as a new year of school and work begins?

Festival of Sleep Day is a favorite holiday to catch up on a little sleep. Whether its all day, a full 8 hours, or just a power nap, enjoy the day sleeping. Cozy up in bed on the couch, or any other comfortable place. Oh…. don’t forget your favorite stuffed animal. It’s okay to sleep alone, sleep alone or with someone else. We do not recommend groups sleeps.

Caution: Sleeping at work is not recommended, today, or any day. The only exception is for mattress testers.

Caution #2: The Surgeon General has determined that sleeping is good for your health.

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Fruitcake Toss Day
January 3, 2014 in the World

Fruitcake Toss Day
Today is Fruitcake Toss Day! Fruitcakes are the holiday gift that no one asks for, but many people receive. If you still haven’t eaten or re-gifted your holiday fruitcake, today is the perfect excuse to toss it. Start the year with a clean pantry!

Every year in Manitou Springs, Colorado, there is a Great Fruitcake Toss in which people compete to see how far they can throw or hurtle their fruitcakes. People also use the cakes at this event to make little cars to race during a Fruitcake Derby.

The first Great Fruitcake Toss took place in 1995. The event has grown into a huge festival that attracts participants from across the country. So go ahead and join the rest of the nation today in throwing out your holiday fruitcakes!

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Natural events:

Peak of Quadrantid meteor shower
January 3, 2014 in the World

The maximum of the Quadrantid activity in 2014 is expected during the night of the 3rd January 2014. The Quadrantids are an easily visible January meteor shower.

The peak intensity is exceedingly sharp: the meteor rates exceed one-half of their highest value for only about 8 hours (compared to two days for the August Perseids). This means that the stream of particles that produces this shower is narrow – and apparently deriving from and within the last 500-years from some orbiting body. The parent body of the Quadrantids was recently tentatively identified as the minor planet 2003 EH1, which in turn may be the same object as the comet C/1490 Y1 which was observed by Chinese, Japanese and Korean astronomers 500 years ago.

The radiant of this shower is an area inside the constellation Boötes. The name comes from Quadrans Muralis, an obsolete constellation that is now part of Boötes. It lies between the end of the handle of the Big Dipper and the quadrilateral of stars marking the head of the constellation Draco.

Where is Peak of Quadrantid meteor shower?
The sky World

Historical Events:

1431 – Joan of Arc handed over to the bishop

1496 – Leonardo da Vinci unsuccessfully tests a flying machine.

1780 – Danish national anthem “Kong Kristian…,” 1st sung

1840 – 1st deep sea sounding

1870 – Construction begins on Brooklyn Bridge in New York; completed May 24, 1883

1888 – 1st wax drinking straw patented, by Marvin C Stone in Washington DC

1899 – The first known use of the word automobile, was seen in an editorial in The New York Times.

1924 – British egyptologist Howard Carter finds sarcophagus of Tutankhamun

1938 – March of Dimes established to fight polio

1943 – 1st missing persons telecast (NYC)

1952 – “Dragnet” with Jack Webb premieres on NBC TV

1957 – 1st electric watch introduced, Lancaster Pa

1958 – Edmund Hillary reaches South Pole overland

1977 – Apple Computers incorporate

1988 – Margaret Thatcher becomes longest-serving British PM this century