Cuddle Up Day 2014
January 6, 2014 in the World

Cuddle Up Day is an opportunity to snuggle up to someone on a cold winters’ day or night. Chances are it’s cold outside. So, cozy up to a special someone, and enjoy the warmth and love. This day is enjoyed by both young and old.

This day is a great opportunity to:

… cuddle with your cutie

… snuggle with your sweetie

… hug your honey

Of course, you do not have to cuddle up with someone……

Cuddling up in your easy chair is a great idea.
Cuddling up to a pet is rewarding.
Cuddling up to a stuffed animal is quite secure and comforting.
Cuddling up with a good book is enjoyable.
Cuddling up by the fireside is warm and cozy.
But, nothing will beat cuddling up with a special someone.

Where is Cuddle Up Day?

Handsel Monday
January 6, 2014 in Scotland

Handsel Monday is observed on January 06, 2014. Handsel Monday is the first Monday of the year, particularly as used to be celebrated in Scotland and northern England. Among the rural population of Scotland, Auld Hansel Monday, is traditionally celebrated on the first Monday after January 12. This custom reflects a reluctance to switch from the Old (Julian) style calendar to the New (Gregorian) calendar. January 1 is the earliest day on which Handsel Monday can fall.

Where is Handsel Monday?
Nationwide Scotland

Little Christmas
January 6, 2014 in Ireland

Little Christmas is observed on January 06, 2014. Little Christmas is one of the traditional names in Ireland for 6 January, more commonly known in the rest of the world as the Feast of the Epiphany. It is so called because under the older Julian calendar, Christmas Day celebrations fell on that day whereas under the Gregorian calendar it falls on 25 December. It is the traditional end of the Christmas season and the last day of the Christmas holidays for both primary and secondary schools in Ireland. In other parts of the world, it is sometimes referred to as Old Christmas or Old Christmas Day, so called for the same reasons as in Ireland, in that this was the traditional day of celebration under the Julian calendar.

Where is Little Christmas?
Nationwide Ireland

Bean Day 2014
January 6, 2014 in the World

Every once in a while, you come across a special day that just doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason. Bean Day appears to be one of those days. Bean Day is day of unknown origin, and unknown cause. But, this day gets plenty of recognition from Ecard companies and calendar oriented sites.

We suggest that you celebrate this day by eating beans. After all… Beans, beans, they’re good for the heart…. the more you eat them, the more……”

Where is Bean Day?

Historical Events:

1449 – Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI is crowned at Mistra.

1681 – 1st recorded boxing match (Duke of Albemarle’s butler vs his butcher)

1720 – The Committee of Inquiry on the South Sea Bubble publishes its findings.

1857 – Patent for reducing zinc ore granted to Samuel Wetherill, Penn

1898 – 1st telephone message from a submerged submarine, by Simon Lake

1929 – Mother Teresa arrives in Calcutta to begin a her work amongst India’s poorest and diseased people.

1930 – 1st diesel engine automobile trip (in a Packard sedan) completed

1939 – Daily newspaper comic strip “Superman” debuts

1942 – 1st around world flight (Pan Am “Pacific Clipper”)

1958 – Gibson patents Flying V Guitar

1968 – Dr N E Shumway performs 1st US adult cardiac transplant operation

1987 – Astronomers at University of California see 1st sight of birth of a galaxy

1996 – Record $65.2 million British lottery won by 3 people (2-3-4-13-42-44)