National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day
January 11, 2014 in the USA

Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day is undoubtedly a day just for mischievous fun. After all, any kid knows that splashing and jumping into puddles is fun. And, when that results in splashing a friend, your joy is complete.

Remember those days when you were young and you and your friends loved playing in the rain splashing in the puddles. Children will love this holiday and so will all the adults that are young-at-heart. So celebrate by jumping in the biggest puddles you can find.

Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day gives you an excuse to have some fun or even get revenge by jumping in puddles and splashing your friends.

Don’t forget to wear wellies!

We sure would like to find the creators of this day., to better understand why it is observed in January. In mid January, many puddles are frozen!

Where is National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day?
Nationwide USA

Historical Events:

532 – Nika-revolt against Justianus & Theodora in Hippodrome Constantinople

1569 – 1st recorded lottery in England is drawn in St Paul’s Cathedral

1693 – Mt Etna erupts, Sicily

1774 – Messier adds M51 (spiral galaxy in Canes Venatici) to his catalog

1787 – Titania & Oberon, moons of Uranus, discovered by William Herschel

1790 – Statisten & Vonckisten unite as Belgium

1813 – 1st pineapples planted in Hawaii (or 1/21)

1879 – Zulu war against British colonial rule in South Africa begins

1913 – 1st sedan-type car (Hudson) goes on display at 13th Auto Show (NYC)

1922 – Insulin 1st used to treat diabetes (Leonard Thompson, 14, of Canada)

1935 – Amelia Earhart flies from Honolulu to Oakland Ca (non-stop, of course)

1943 – US & Britain relinquish extraterritorial rights in China

1963 – 1st discotheque opens, Whiskey-a-go-go in LA

1964 – 1st government report warning smoking may be hazardous to one’s health

1971 – 1st “Quickie” Divorce granted in UK

1984 – Supreme Court reinstated $10M award to Karen Silkwood’s family

1989 – 140 nations agree to ban chemical weapons (poison gas, etc)

1989 – Kindergarten student caught with loaded handgun at Bronx school

1991 – Congress empowers Bush to order attack on Iraq