I recently downloaded an app named: Happier

And it’s really pretty awesome, the goal is to share/post three happy moments a day! For some people this can be easy or it can be hard. I think it depends on the individual. I can usually have more than three happy moments in a day, but for me, it’s easy- it’s the little things that make me happy! 😀

I also really like that the app is based on research, the benefits of being happier; have 50% fewer heart attacks, are less likely to catch the flu, are less depressed and anxious, sleep better and get more done at work and at home, learn faster and are more productive.

And the best thing about this ap, it’s F R E E !
And it’s helping me focus more on happy moments during the day.

My two happy moments already; a friend made diabetic friendly banana bread, and it’s snowing-there’s nothing like a walk in the falling snow to relax me before I start my work day.

see it can be that simple- it helps you focus on those moments that we might miss. Oh cool, it’s also helping with Mindfulness-staying in the moment. Cool beans!

any who if you have a smart phone, look for the Happier app, and see how many happy moments you really have in a day!

Stay warm, it is snowing here, it’s pretty. 🙂


Update you can be Happy online too!