Some days, titles just don’t come in to my head… and other’s they are way to sarcastic to use. just me.

So I’m awake as the title says, I’ve been awake since oh…maybe 1am. I tried to go to bed way early last night and everyone either called or texted me. Love ya’ll too…but um…ack! (I’m thinking of turning off my cellular data when I go to bed on nights I’m on call the next day!)

So I really had to get up at 3 am, and get ready for work. Yes, I’m on call and my supervisor was really worried about the weather this weekend, and I didn’t want to sleep on a cot. Did that enough for years in the military. OWIES!! 😦

So Hubs got me here around 4:30 and he had to go to work himself. He’s coming back to get me, when my shift is over at 8p. yay! I plan on sleeping in tomorrow morning.

On the plus side; I have all my paperwork started for the entire week! Yes! I’m um, that paperwork anal! I would rather have my paperwork started then wait till the day of, or heaven forbid, right before I see a person. I am not a fly by your seat person. I like preparation and having time to review, etc.

So…I’ve brought my laptop, with a few movies, have the iPad-also with movies on it, and I can always keep myself entertained with my iPhone. Or…I could just sit here and enjoy the moment. Yeah, that’ll probably last about five minutes. LOL 😀

Please be careful out there, I am watching it snow now! The snow wasn’t the problem it was the wind causing the white out conditions on the road, take your time driving, and do not tail gate someone. We almost got rear-ended by someone that was following a tad to closely this morning. And I almost wanted to punch them, for their continuous honking. If you don’t like the way we’re driving… pass or get off the road. OI! Personally, I think this person should have gotten off the road. Unless you’re an emergency vehicle there is no need to drive faster than the posted limit, and with weather conditions, you should slow it down. You won’t get a ticket for that. If you can’t drive in the conditions-Stay HOME!