National Weatherperson’s Day
February 5, 2014 in the USA

Thursday, February 5 is National Weatherman’s Day, commemorating the birth of John Jeffries in 1744. Jeffries, one of America’s first weather observers, began taking daily weather observations in Boston in 1774 and he took the first balloon observation in 1784. This is a day to recognize the men and women who collectively provide Americans with the best weather, water, and climate forecasts and warning services of any nation.Many of us take weather information for granted. Turn on a light switch, you get light. Turn on your television or radio, or check a web site and you get the weather forecast. It’s easy to forget that around the clock, dedicated meteorologists and weathercasters are vigilantly creating forecasts to help you plan your day, and issuing warnings to help keep you safe.

Where is National Weatherperson’s Day?
Nationwide USA

Constitution Day (Mexico)
February 5, 2014 in Mexico

February 5th is the official date when the Mexican constitution was formed in 1917 after signing of a convention by Venustiano Carranza. Up until 2006, the day was celebrated in Mexico on 5th February itself. However, following the new labor law, the day is now celebrated on the first Monday of February, irrespective of the date. The day is celebrated to commemorate the formation of a new Mexican constitution.
The constitution of Mexico has undergone several changes. It was in 1910 that the people of Mexico began getting restless with the old constitution of Mexico which was established in 1857. This led to the Mexican revolution in 1910, resulting in the ouster of General Diaz, who was known to be an oppressive ruler. What followed was a series of fights among the Mexican rulers themselves, resulting in assassination of quite a few political leaders.

It was in 1913 that Pancho Villa formed a huge army which fought inside forces on the side of those in favor of a new constitution, namely Venustiano Carranza. After a long struggle, Pancho Villa was successful in ousting the rebellion forces and Venustiano Carranza was sworn to presidency. It was in 1917 that Carranza signed an important convention which resulted in the formation of the new constitution. The new Mexican constitution laid emphasis on land reforms and fair land distribution among the poor. The constitution is in effect till date.

The day is one of the major public holidays in Mexico. All the offices, schools and most businesses are closed on this day. The day is celebrated with grand parades across the nation, much like the celebration of Constitution Day in other parts of the world.

A lot of music concerts and other festivities are also arranged on this day, and people can be seen enjoying the day with great pride and honor. Sale of liquor is banned 3 days prior to the day up until the day itself. Exchanging of gifts and pleasantries is also not uncommon on this day, as this is one of the most important festivals in the country.

Where is Constitution Day?
Nationwide Mexico

Historical Events:

1572 – Beggars assault Oisterwijk Neth, drive nuns out

1644 – 1st US livestock branding law passed, by Connecticut

1850 – Adding machine employing depressible keys patented, New Paltz, NY

1861 – 1st moving picture peep show machine is patented by Samuel Goodale

1894 – Female suffrage organization in Amsterdam forms

1900 – The United States and the United Kingdom sign treaty for Panama Canal

1916 – Enrico Caruso recorded “O Solo Mio” for the Victor Talking Machine Co

1917 – Present Mexican constitution adopted

1918 – Separation of church & state begins in USSR

1922 – Reader’s Digest magazine 1st published

1931 – Maxine Dunlap becomes 1st US women to earn a glider pilot license

1948 – “Nature of Things” science show premieres on NBC prime time

1953 – “Peter Pan” by Walt Disney opens at Roxy Theater, NYC

1973 – Comic strip “Hagar The Horrible” debuted

1991 – Howard Stern kisses NY Giant Leonard Marshall’s ass over bet, Stern lost claiming the Giants would lose the Superbowl