Do a Grouch a Favor Day
February 16, 2014 in the World

Do a Grouch a Favor today. Do it and make the world a better place.

Everyone has been a grouch at one time or another. Some people are seemingly grouches all of the time. It’s in their nature. Others are occasional grouches, influenced by events in their lives, lack of sleep, the weather, etc. A few people are good at disguising their grouchy mood. But, they still need cheering up.

Look around for someone who is in a grouchy mood today. Then, do him or her a favor that will cheer up their day. There’s plenty of grouches out there to practice on. Try it on all of the grouches that you see today, and watch the results!

Where is Do a Grouch a Favor Day ?

National Almond Day
February 16, 2014 in the USA

It’s National Almond Day! Did you know that almonds are one of the most heart-healthy foods on the market? These delicious and wholesome nuts are full of vitamin E, magnesium, and fiber, and can help lower cholesterol.

The almond tree is native to the Middle East and South Asia. It produces a fleshy green fruit similar to a peach or apricot. At the center of this fruit is a stone-like seed, which is the almond nut. Today, the state of California produces 80% of the world’s supply of almonds. It takes more then 1.2 million beehives to pollinate all of the crops!

Whether you prefer to enjoy them plain, roasted, or paired with chocolate, celebrate National Almond Day with a handful of delicious almonds!

Where is National Almond Day?
Nationwide USA

Historical Events:

374 – 9th recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet

1486 – Diet of Frankfort

1659 – 1st known cheque (£400) (on display at Westminster Abbey)

1741 – Benjamin Franklin’s General Magazine (2nd US Mag) begins publishing

1838 – Kentucky passes law permitting women to attend school under conditions

1846 – Battle of Sobraon ends 1st Sikh War in India

1852 – Studebaker Brothers wagon company, precursor of the automobile manufacturer, is established.

1868 – Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks forms (NY)

1918 – Lithuania declares independence from Russia & Germany (National Day)

1923 – Howard Carter finds Pharaoh Tutankhamen

1932 – 1st patent issued for a tree, to James Markham for a peach tree

1934 – Commission of Government is sworn in as form of direct rule for the Dominion of Newfoundland.

1937 – DuPont Corp patents nylon, developed by employee Wallace H Carothers

1943 – Sign on Munich facade: “Out with Hitler! Long live freedom!” done by “White Rose” student group, caught on 2/18, beheaded on 2/22

1948 – 1st newsreel telecast, “20th Century Fox-Movietone News” shown on NBC

1959 – Fidel Castro names himself Cuba’s premier after overthrowing Batista

1978 – 1st Computer Bulletin Board System (Ward & Randy’s CBBS, Chicago)

1980 – Continuous traffic jam extends 176 km north of Lyons, France

1992 – Former silver Goodyear blimps are now painted yellow & blue

2005 – The Kyoto Protocol comes into force, following its ratification by Russia.