National Drink Wine Day
February 18, 2014 in the USA

Today is Drink Wine Day! Pop the cork and enjoy a refreshing glass of Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot, Shiraz, or Zinfandel in honor of the occasion!

People have been producing wine since at least 6000 B.C. There are dozens of ancient legends about humans who accidentally consumed fermented grapes and became intoxicated, which is probably how wine was first conceived. Eventually, people began experimenting with the fermentation process. The methods for making wine spread from the region of Mesopotamia to Egypt, Greece, Rome, France, Spain, and eventually the New World. Today, over 20 million acres of the earth’s surface are dedicated to growing grapes for wine.

Studies have shown that drinking a glass of wine a day improves heart health, reduces forgetfulness, boosts immunity, and increases bone density. To celebrate Drink Wine Day, check out a local winery, send your friends a virtual toast with a free eCard, or host an impromptu wine tasting! Cheers!

Where is National Drink Wine Day?
Nationwide USA

Battery Day
February 18, 2014 in the World

Battery Day is observed on February 18, 2014. Think on that day about the usefulness of the batteries – and charging some up again, if you like. Recognize, just how important the simple battery is to our way of life. In electricity, a battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy. Batteries have become a common power source for many household and industrial applications.

There are two types of batteries: primary batteries (disposable batteries), which are designed to be used once and discarded, and secondary batteries (rechargeable batteries), which are designed to be recharged and used multiple times. Batteries come in many sizes, from miniature cells used to power hearing aids and wristwatches to battery banks the size of rooms that provide standby power for telephone exchanges and computer data centers.

Welcome to Battery Day NRW 2014:

Where is Battery Day?

Historical Events:

3102 BC – Epoch (origin) of the Kali Yuga.

1478 – George, Duke of Clarence, convicted of treason against his older brother Edward IV of England, is privately executed in the Tower of London.

1503 – Henry Tudor created Prince of Wales (later Henry VIII)

1678 – John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” is published

1787 – Austrian emperor Jozef II bans children under 8 from labor

1834 – 1st US labor newspaper, “The Man,” published, NYC

1878 – John Tunstall is murdered by outlaw Jessie Evans, sparking the Lincoln County War in Lincoln County, New Mexico.

1885 – Mark Twain’s “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” published

1901 – H Cecil Booth patented a dust removing suction cleaner

1911 – The first official flight with air mail takes place in Allahabad, British India, when Henri Pequet, a 23-year-old pilot, delivers 6,500 letters to Naini, about 10 km away.

1927 – US & Canada begin diplomatic relations

1930 – US astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovers Pluto

1951 – Nepal becomes a constitutional monarchy

1953 – Premiere of 1st 3-D feature film-“Bwana Devil” (NYC)

1962 – France & Algerian Moslems negotiate truce to end 7 year war

1973 – 54-kg octopus measuring 7m across captured in Hood Canal, Wash

1974 – US ambassador to India Daniel Moynihan present $2,046,700,000 check